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Plantidote of the Day (2010-09-15)

Valley Girl sends in this tomato from the Great State of Maine:

Valley Girl's BGR tomato

And the back story:

* * *

The photo is from several years ago. And, I don't remember where I found the tomato. But, it was somewhere on the road between Cape Rosier and Bangor Airport, on my flight back home "from away". I took the photo in the Bangor airport, while I was waiting for my flight. The brown bag was part of the tomato purchase. Dang, I wish I could remember where I got it. So, anyway, with time to spent at the airport, I laid the tomato and the brown bag out on the "table" next to my seat in the boarding lounge. Oh, and placed a map of Maine under it. I rely on the Maine Atlas and Gazetteer for my Maine travels, but I'm thinking that it was packed in my suitcase, and out of reach.

I think this photo, and the back story, are just beyond great and it shows, if this needed showing, that we have some wildly creative and improvisational people here. Who knew?

And who was the philosopher who said "The map is not the tomato"? I'm drawing a blank....

More images from Valley Girl on Flickr.

* * *

UPDATE On the note below: It seems that Plantidote of the Day has almost taken off. We're getting great pictures and great stories, and now there's even a little backlog (including one image that I can't bring myself to print without a suitable occasion; you know who you are, and you have not been forgotten). I'm wondering if a group of readers would like to get together, take this idea over and run with it? Like the Westerners, including Coyote Creek, did with their Meetup? Or gamers Aeryl, BDBlue, and DanPS did with "Corrente Review of Games"?

If so, you can use "Corrente Chat", "Corrente Mail" and "Corrente Groups" to help (which is my hidden agenda here, to wit: To use the software to help people to form groups that do, ya know, (NV, happy, productive) stuff. You know my mail address... And my only fundamental requirement is that the idea remain Plantidote Of The Day (and not the week or the month). So there's work, but the work of the actual post is very little, because I don't like work.

* * *

Readers, please post or mail me images and stories for "Plantidote of the Day", which I would like to make a continuing, daily series. You will, of course, win undying fame in the form of a hat tip!

Plants growing in your garden, your house plants, plants from the forest, plants you preserved (as below), plants you prepared (wine; cider; tea; dried beans), plants you harvested (grains; chantrelles), plants you picked (flowers), plants you dried (herbs). Herbal remedies... And if you can, include some solid detail about the plant, too -- a story, the genus and species, or where you got the seeds, or the recipe, or your grandmother gave it to you....

Click on the image for the full-size version. Click here for the entire series.

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