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Plantation Owners and Slave Labor

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As we learned so well in the last 6 months, this country was looted, and still is, by plantation owners who own Wall Street, and therefore us. It's not small scale looting. This amounts to pillaging of the country by private jet-flying hooligans that own about 95% of everything.

Obama is nice and flattering to them and invests our future 5% right now in the 95% stolen goods. Obama is now a plantation owner by his actions and newly found friends.

Blue collar workers who, at best, make modest living by working their butts of not only were robbed of their future that was given to the plantation owners, but are asked to hand over money they made in the past, pension funds, to the plantation owners right away. If they resist, Sheriff Obama will close their work place promptly.

It is high time for our installment of the German Peasants' War of 1524-25. Playing nice with the robber in-chief should stop immediately.

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