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Plant in whatever you've got

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Because you are starting your garden for this year, aren't you?

Casaubon's Book (a wonderful blog which everyone should read) has a post up today called Growing In Sacks, Pots and Whatever You've Got. I also want to recall the post I put up last year*, Plotting the Urban Window Garden, which contains links to more ways to make pots and planters out of whatever's on hand. And as I mentioned in response to lambert here, I've also made lovely planters out of olive oil and other tins. I just recently saw a plant in a Planter's Peanuts tin, and it was so cute and meta that it made me want to search the recycling containers for some!

* Last year's window garden was scaled back a lot after that post, since I became injured and unable to tend to my seedlings at a crucial period. It made me very aware of how vulnerable a person living on their own is, and how vulnerable a garden tended by only one person is. There's a moral there, I'm sure.

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A few things just getting warmed up, but the last frost is generally at the end of May here (if we're lucky). I can also cheat...badly. I'm starting most other people in town's gardens. Four 30 x 90 greenhouses full, 11 more to go and 3 50 x 90's (plus another 8 90ft cold frames and a nursery).

Not only do i get pick of the litter, but i get a discount. And at a certain point can have flats of stuff for free that would otherwise go to the compost pile. I'd start working the garden plot, but it's covered in snow. I'll probably pay my farmer for the CSA share this weekend. That count's for something.

Tis true, as long is it has holes in the bottom or you at least fill the bottom with gravel and maybe a little charcoal, you can grow plants in anything that will hold soil. Just do it. The worst that can happen is failure to learn from. The best is delicious and/or beautiful. Just remember, saving a little on potting soil is never, ever, ever worth it.