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Planning the attack on Ft. Sumter

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100s Of Civilians Plan To Monitor Possible Military Takeover Of Texas

This just part of a long effort by the extreme right to delegitimize the federal government. At the same time, remember what Dave Johnson teaches us, you can always tell what conservatives are up to by watching what they accuse liberals are doing. This is very dangerous and needs to be taken seriously.

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Submitted by tom moody on

The TPM article uses evasive, hedging language to describe the specifics of the training exercises: "While the conspiracy theories themselves lack real evidence, there’s something to the concerns about soldiers blending in with the general population for the purposes of the training exercise." How about "anti-Jade Helm groups are right to protest Federal troops performing urban guerrilla warfare exercises in US cities"? If a Republican administration was ordering these simulations in Josh Marshall's neighborhood -- "sir, I need you to hide me in your trunk and drive me across town to where they are having the house-to-house fighting scenario" -- Marshall would be figuratively if not literally up in arms. But because it's Obama and it's happening in Texas it's "let's laugh at the nut jobs."

Submitted by lambert on

First, yes, if this exercise were in Josh Marshall's neighborhood, he'd be ticked.

Second, though, DCB is quite right that what wingers project onto liberals (assuming Obama's a liberal) they do themselves, so watch out!

I'd add, though, that winger paranoia is a lot like a funhouse mirror: The image is always terribly distorted but it does reflect reality. So they talk about black helicopters and Agenda 21. But surely TPP/TPA/TTiP/TISA are worse than any winger nightmare? And similarly with Jade Helm, I think. The powers that be didn't militarize the police for nothing... Or set up "Northern Command."

Submitted by tom moody on

In NYC you still see groups of soldiers in camouflage with submachine guns standing in subways, surveilling or whatever, 14 years after "the day everything changed." It's America but it looks like Honduras. If you live with this oppressive psychic baggage you might actually get a laugh imagining those "volunteers throughout the Lone Star state who will monitor incoming troops" up here in NY monitoring the monitorers. "Breaker breaker we got three armed Obama troops on the Pavonia Newport PATH platform." "Roger that, keep us apprised of what they are doing." (Sound of gunfire.) *satire* *satire* *satire*

Submitted by lambert on

You're kidding. How's the camo work in the New York subway?

Submitted by tom moody on

Am not kidding about constantly seeing groups of US soldiers in camouflage uniforms, watching people. Sometimes armed but not always. Not sure which service branch but guessing Army. The PATH (subway from NJ into Manhattan) gets them, especially in the WTC station, but they pop up everywhere, possibly in sync with "terror alerts." I think many New Yorkers are appalled but just keep moving -- it's a busy town, no time for distractions. You hope this won't be the day you get thrown in solitary for "walking while Muslim." Anyway, if you live with this all the time, your heart goes out to those crazy Texans who "dare to monitor."

Submitted by lambert on

It's just like the Second Amendment activists (let me be polite) who swear they have their weapons to fight tyranny. And while the Fourth Amendment is being abolished they worry about tunnels under Walmart. I don't get it, I really don't. (Of course, now we can have the "You're only blogging about it!" discussion....)