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Pitches and Videos of the Ghost of HR676 .... FUTURE!!!!!

So we shake off the disappointment and renew our spirits for the next wave of universal healthcare activism.

I was reviewing some of my old pitches for Single Payer. I also found some terrific links of videos explaining and promoting a Single Payer - Expanded Medicare for All system. I trust they will be of use again soon enough, along with new upgraded ones, in our marathon campaign, ever growing (despite disinformation of media and craven pols), for universal healthcare in America.


COOKIE MONSTER: Me Want Coooooookies!!!!!!!!

Channel surfing this morning I skimmed by Sesame Street and there was that scamp, Cookie Monster. “ME WANT COOKIES!!!” he roared. Can Cookie Monster say anything else?

Cookie Monster brilliantly shows not tells Sesame Street-viewing kids about the dangers of being driven solely by one’s primitive, self-indulgent appetite – an “id” gone wild! Sesame Street is teaching children about empathy and healthy, reasonable behavior.

Funny but disturbing Cookie Monster always lumbers safely off the screen (much to the relief of the titillated tiny viewers) after his less than a minute roar-rant for cookies. His obsession confounds the good people of Sesame Street. They humor him and reason with him at times. But they know they can’t and shouldn’t try to pacify his lust for cookies by taking away everyone else’s cookies and giving them to him. He may WANT their cookies VERY much, but that doesn’t give him the right to get them.

What if Cookie Monster became big enough — strong enough — to TERRORIZE Sesame Street into giving over ALL ITS COOKIES? Kinda like the medical industrial complex is taking over our government right now. THE CORPORATE-COOKIE MONSTER wants ALL our American taxpayer COOKIE-dollars. COOKIES!!!!! ME WANT COOKIES!!!!! And like Cookie Monster, it is VORACIOUS AND INSATIABLE.

Tragically, unlike the nurturing adults of Sesame Street, our Congress people are yanking the cookies out of the citizen-taxpayers’ hands and citizen-taxpayers’ children’s hands and stealing from all the cookie jars of America and guaranteeing said Corporate Cookie Monster all future cookie jars of America’s children, and of their children’s children, etc.

Our Congress people also have a taste for cookies, got bribed by cookie-dollars from a much savvier Corporate Cookie Monster than Sesame Street’s, and now these oath-sworn governmental guardians are full-out enabling Corporate Cookie Monster’s addiction. And we, the citizens, their supposed constituency who pay their salaries, thanks to an upcoming demonstration of crooked-cookie-cronyism will be left with nothing but crumbs.


A Metaphor: The Man (the Public), the Snooty Salesman (Prez/Congress) and the Suit (Health Care Reform)

A hard-working man sees a sale sign in the window of an expensive men’s clothing shop. He needs a new suit but wonders if he can begin to afford one from such a store. He takes a breath and plunges in.

The salesman does a quick and disdainful appraisal of the customer. He brings out the most elegant suit in his size the man has ever seen. The man is stunned by the price, but the salesman assures him the sale is 50% off. The only condition is there is no tailoring available for sale items.

The man gasps in delight at the first sight of himself in the mirror. But his heart sinks as he notices the left sleeve seems a little short. The salesman yanks on the sleeve and advises the man just to shift and tilt his right shoulder in such a way so that the cuff will meet the wrist at the end of his left arm. The man does and it works, though pain suddenly shoots across his shoulders.

“What about the right leg?” the man sadly notes. “That is not even, either. You can see my sock.”

The salesman scoffs at such a tiny issue. “Look, it is not that much space.” Shift your left hip and twist and tilt just a bit. “There. Now it fits perfectly.”

The man does appreciate his image in the mirror, though the pain building in both his upper and lower back is beginning to oppress him.

“You look like a million,” the now respectful salesman declares. “Where will you find another such bargain?”

The man hands over his credit card for the transaction and is encouraged by the salesman to wear the expensive suit out of the store and begin to enjoy his new image.

The man exits the shop, remembering to keep right shoulder and left hip at the required positions, assuring himself the pain barking from his body will eventually abate.

Two women walking some distance behind him on the sidewalk notice him lumbering up the block.

The first woman observes, “Look at that poor, crippled man struggling up the street.”

The second woman exclaims, “Yes, but doesn’t that suit fit him beautifully!”


[This story is an old saw but fitting to what is happening with Congress, the President and health care reform right now. So with the new health insurance law, America's classy historic new suit being touted ... let us just see how well it fits and wears and lasts. It, too, was not tailored with empathy and care to fit our public body.]


What is Single Payer?

You Bet Your Health!


What is Single Payer?

Where is my health card?

"Put The Piggy In Its Place" HR 676

SiCKO Trailer

Union Presentation: US vs. Canada Healthcare

Health, Money and Fear

Remote Area Medical throws America a lifeline:;photovideo

Great moment in a Dana Gould commentary:

[the Dana Gould one I did have trouble accessing. Hope it works for you. If you get it to launch, hang with it, because at one point Dana blurts out something so honest and disarming.... ]

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Submitted by libbyliberal on

I hope it has the full commentary he did, because at one point he realizes the people without health insurance at the free clinics with such profound problems and challenges are more optimistic, grateful and serene than the people who are protesting and freaking out about socialism and he just suddenly takes a breath and exclaims, "WTF?????" and it is so funny and disarming and a real aha moment on tv which does not have many real ones even on supposed reality tv.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

.. how comforting when the truth is called out so well and dramatically. Get your Rage-Ex so you can join the millions of irrationally angry Americans... sigh