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Picketing Health Insurance Parasites

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Group Pickets Health Care Provider in 9-city Protest

WellPoint locked the lobby doors and police stood on guard. The protest was peaceful but pointed -- with participants blaming the insurance companies for current problems and accusing the president of breaking his campaign promise to bring real reform.

14 charged in NYC protest at health insurer office

NEW YORK — New York City police say 14 demonstrators were arrested on criminal trespass charges during a sit-in inside a midtown Manhattan building where insurance giant United Health Group has offices

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Protesters outside insurance offices advocate for single-payer

Dozens of protesters gathered downtown this morning on Southwest Market Street at the offices of Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon to advocate for a national single-payer insurance program.

Sit-in protest at Humana's office

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Just moments ago discovered that my drug program "insurer" decided that since I have "chosen" a non-generic Rx when a generic (which they think is apparently just as groovy) is available, my co-pay on it will be $102/month instead of the $45 I've been paying.

At least I'm not facing a death panel.