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Physicians for a National Health Program in the news

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Consider the case for a national health program

The words "socialized medicine" are like stink bombs. Drop them into a discussion of health care reform, and everyone runs for the door.

So let's try another phrase. How about "Medicare for all"?

Leon Zoghlin and Peter Mott have been members of Physicians for a National Health Program for decades. And when they talk about reform, they mean Medicare for all. It's been working well for senior citizens since the 1960s. Why not share the good?

This is an excellent article for those new to the issue. Please consider emailing the article to anyone you think would be interested. If you have a blog, or an account at one of the community sites, please consider linking to this article. It is critical to reward reporters who do a good job.

PS - useful link - Interfaith Health Care Coalition of the Greater Rochester Community of Churches

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