If you have "no place to go," come here!

Photos from this week's Aurora Borealis--anyone seen any here in the US?

If you come across photos and videos, please post links here. I've only seen the Northern Lights live once in my life. After midnight in September, in Milwaukee, WI. Only the shimmering green undulating curtains of light, none of the spectacular pinks and oranges. But it was breathtaking.

I'd been working late on a big work project, got home and just happened to glance up. I couldn't figure out what the strange greenish cast in the low northern sky was: It looked like clouds reflecting light, but...there were no clouds. Finally, it hit me as the light began expanding, almost reaching the meridian, and then contracting. Stunning, beautiful.

On my bucket list is to go x-country skiing in a northern clime and watch the northern lights.

YouTube has some videos -- this one is undated.