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What not to do in THE KINGDOM

The Kingdom- what not to do Originally uploaded by valleygirl_tka

My uncropped photo (for airport context) is here

Yes, my mind does weird associations, but The Obama Kingdom, the DFHs and the fate of HCR....

I strongly suspect that the reason single-payer advocates have been kicked out of The Kingdom is that each one is "a person who wears silk pants that do not look respectable" /s

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vast- wow!- what a find! I mean, WOW! I had just added a tag: The Kingdom of Obama!!!

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But Bush III also deserves all the trappings of the imperial presidency:

And then there's always this, which was for Obama Rules vs. Clinton Rules:

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-- the Gotham Font, the precious little dingbats and scripty things, the gradients, but with a change:

1. I'd like the color scheme to be brown, and not blue, because

2. That would go with the subject matter I have in mind: A giant steaming turd.

Captioned "Hope and change," of course.

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so, not current photo- I think from a flight back in to Bankok from (then) Burma. Three weeks in Thailand, one in Burma (Myanmar).

I'm sure travelling there now is a different experience than mine long ago.

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I was thinking when I posted that photo, and was hoping you would see it. Glad you saw! Amazing that the same sign still prevails as you have reason to know.