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I'm not sure how I stumbled across Dating A Bank[st]er Anonymous, and I'm not even sure I'm glad that I did...

But isn't it reassuring to remember that with the lights out at Treasury these are the guys who are going to be making policy on health care, Social Security, and turning the banks into regulated public utilities?

NOTE Via Bronte Capital. Interesting datapoint: DABA's archives start in September 2008. So I guess this blog's startup makes a fine coincident indicator* for our own Minsky Moment, eh? Very suddenly, it became OK to kick the banksters. So they must have been down at that point, eh?

* [If my attempt to use economic jargon hasn't just caused somebody truly qualified to [pound head on desk]].

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Submitted by gob on

this isn't bad, on the stress tests:

Bernanke: Banks, do you think you can survive the most drastic downturn since the Great Depression without lots more money?

Banks: Yes, of course.

Bernanke: Are you sure?

Banks: Yes

Bernanke: Really sure?

Banks: Yes

Bernanke: Good, I was just testing you. You almost failed, didn’t you? You almost said no the second time, I could tell. Anyway, I’ll let the planet know this whole financial crisis was a false alarm. I don’t know why we didn’t just ask you guys last year in the first place.

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what exactly this is a picture of.

specifically, he's holding a garment. Now, in the traditional "holding a garment over the shoulder" pose , its a suit coat slung over the shoulder. But he's already wearing a suit coat -- and the garment is too short to be some kind of overcoat. So what the hell is he carrying!?!!

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Submitted by Davidson on

From the original Times article, the caption below that photo:

Neil Barrett glen plaid wool suit, $1,760 at Jeffrey; plaid cotton shirt, $165 at Billy Reid; cotton tie, $59.50 at J. Crew; leather loafers, $335 at Calvin Klein; balmacaan gabardine trench coat, $1,340 at Marc Jacobs.