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New Pew survey about online "activism" [PDF]. The key findings:

These are the key findings of a new survey about public interest in the presidential transition process and voters’ intentions to carry on the national conversation about the incoming administration:

* 62% of Obama voters expect that they will ask others to support the policies of the new administration over the next year. Among Obama voters who were engaged online during the campaign, 25% expect to support the administration’s agenda by reaching out to others online.

* 46% of Obama voters and 33% of McCain voters expect to hear directly from their candidate or party leaders over the next year. Fully 51% of online Obama supporters expect some kind of ongoing communication from the new administration—34% of Obama-supporting email users expect email communication, 37% of social network site users expect SNS updates, and 11% of phone texters expect to receive text messages from the new administration.

* 27% of wired Obama voters have gone online to learn about or get involved with the presidential transition process.

Notice anything?

The communication singled out as key is entirely top-down. The Village must be so pleased.

Some "conversation"! Sounds more like a monologue, to me.

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has already been announced on the M$M. Obama plans to keep in touch with his followers via You Tube in a weekly FDRlike broadcast. Nice.

Of course his followers can respond to the video in the comments section. Will that be good enough?

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25% expect to support the administration’s agenda by reaching out to others online.

Reaching out? Is that what they're calling bullying these days?

Hilarious. I can see that criticizing Obama's policies is gonna be fun.