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Petulant is the new shrill


President Obama criticizes the petulant left

"Creative class" weasel Booman must have been on the same conference call:

Predictably, there are those on the left [Yves (!)] who want to spin this as some kind of sleight of hand move to marginalize Warren. Any such analysis is completely premature and it just reeks of petulance.

Ah yes. The petulant, who vent over "trifling annoyances."

Like 10% nominal (20% real) disemployment being normalized, and neither the Ds nor The Big O doing jack squat about it. For starters.

OK, so we're petulant, and no longer Shrill. Badge of honor, so far as I'm concerned, considering the sources.

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Submitted by jawbone on

He really, really, really does not like, actually seems to despise, DFHs and lefties.

I still think he blames his unconventional mother* for somehow not "keeping" his father around,and, by extension, he has no respect for those on the left or who are unconventional (as she was, from what we know). I got this impression when I began paying attention to him during the primaries and he made so little mention of his mother, except for some political points. And the book, of course, was about his MIA father. Then, the scarce material about her seemed to indicate a really exceptional woman, but he didn't talk about her that way.

And I figured he wasn't all that down with Democratic principles as he could barely bring himself to mention he was running for the Democratic Party nomination and then as the Dem nominee barely mentioned the party or its core principles. He made the Big Bold Democrat speech at his nominating convention, but after that? Obama Party.

We sure are being bitch slapped by this guy: his press secty says we need drug testing since we don't fall in line or swoon over his every action, he referred to us as "the little single payer activists" early on, and now he says we're freakin' "petulant." And not like teenagers, but more like toddlers.

At least we're not his pets, as Reid referred to Delaware senate nominee Coon!

*I am not a psychiartrist nor do I pay one on the blogs. This is a gut level reaction. As was my feeling, once I'd read some anectdotes about his father, that since the father believed he was destined to be a great leader in Kenya, Obama was determined to be a great leader in this country -- to fulfill his father's dream.

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Though Greenwald (a third example) uses the word in summarizing The Big O's "glass half empty" speech at the $30,000 a plate dinner -- that's a lot of ramen noodles -- in Greenwich.

Not sure about the psychologizing. Though it is interesting that each of the last three Presidents -- Clinton, W, Obama -- have really significant father issues. No doubt the MOTU patriarchs find that useful.

Submitted by Hugh on

Obama ran a very smart controlled campaign. It wasn't progressive, beyond the atmospherics, but it was smart. Once elected, however, both the smarts and the atmospherics disappeared. What we are left with is anti-progressive, indeed far right as Obama's embrace of all things Bush demonstrates. Yet Democratic partisans, like Booman, continue to try to sell us a shit sandwich, hold the malaise, and tell us we should like it, and if we don't it is somehow our fault.

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Submitted by Valley Girl on

I had to google to find the link to the booman comment (missed it the first time on Corrente):- maybe add a link Lambert?

Maybe Digby was on the same conference call-

~Unfortunately, midterms are almost always partisan elections, driven by the hardcore base of both parties. Behaving as if your voters are petulant and unappreciative may be therapeutic, and it may even be true, but it doesn't get the job done.~