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Petraeus on whether Iraq has made us safer: "I don't know, actually."


Well, there you have it. Calgary Herald:

in surprising, unscripted remarks before a Senate committee on Tuesday, the top U.S. military commander in Iraq said he couldn't the answer the one question many people were asking as they marked the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks: has the current Iraq war strategy made the country safer?

"I don't know, actually," Petraeus said in response to questioning by Republican Senator John Warner.

Now, to be fair to the GeneralMR SUBLIMINAL Why?--who, despite having a bright future ahead of him as a FIX news commentator or its functional equivalent, a Republican presidential candidate, seems at least as honest a man as Colin Powell--thet question really is above his pay grade.

After all, Iraq, at least in the Conservative weltanschauung, is just one theater in The LongMR SUBLIMINAL 8-Inch, Uncut War, and Petraeus is but a humble theatre commander; strategic issues are handled at a higher level, by the Preznit or his spiritual advisors.

Still, you'd think he'd have had a talking point prepared, wouldn't you?

NOTE TPM has the vid of Bush lackey Evan Bayh helpfully allowing The Bestest General Eva to revise and extend his remarks. Still, you'd think that they'd have had the talking point prepared. Odd.

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heh, nice insertion. erm, anyway, the point i'm making is that i can see how not having an answer makes him seem more authentic and military-tough-guy-top-only to the mouthbreathers. like chimpy, the general doesn't do that highly French and traitorous art of actual political discourse- he sticks to his guns and says what he thinks and shoots in the hips, i mean...

you get my drift.

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i'm thinking of several comedy/action routines right now. "say what again! SAY 'WHAT' AGAIN, BITCH!"

heh. petraeus isn't in any danger, i'm sure.

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That can get you killed in a "vehicle rollover accident". Via TPM:

Staff Sergeant Yance Gray and Sergeant Omar Mora are both reported dead. In their New York Times op-ed, the soldiers wrote that despite their grave misgivings about the war strategy, "as committed soldiers, we will see this mission through."

Wonder how the other co-authors of that op-ed are feeling today? I think your assumption of Gen. Petraeus' continued good health may be a tad, um, premature. Tough boss indeed.