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Petidote of the Day 2012-08-24

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baby chick

Welcome to The Chickens Come Home To Roost: Part 2 of the Petidote series on backyard chickens. When we last checked in with insanely sane's flock, the 11 peeps were only days old (above). In the image below, they're five weeks old and look how much more chicken-like they are!

chick at 5weks

Whoa, I barely recognized them, they're growing up so fast! Pretty soon, they'll be dating or whatever adolescent chickens do.


But wait ... there's more. Here are the chicks at 9 weeks, mostly all growed up!

9 weeks

9 wks

Last week, insanely got the first two eggs! There may be more by now. And no slackers here. When they're not laying eggs, the chickens have jobs:

We are all gardening organically together! They till and poop and I plant and harvest. They get some of the harvest every day! We plan to sell some eggs and also share some with family.

This is so inspiring, insanely -- thanks for all the great ideas and photos, and for explaining how it was all put together. Backyard chicks -- you're doing it right!!


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Submitted by insanelysane on

They grow up so fast.

You did a nice job on this.

Since they were tiny, I've spent lots of time handling them and taming them. They will come to me when I call them and allow me to pick them up. That is handy since chickens need to be socialized in case medical procedures are needed and just to check them for problems.

My girls.

Submitted by lambert on

See polyphase farm on chicken poop.

They have moveable coops on wheels, so they move a coop into a field, and the chickens eat up the pests and IIRC fertilize the soil. (Is chicken poop OK to put on beds directly? I forget.)

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Submitted by insanelysane on

The Chicken poop needs to be composted or aged or used very sparingly.
It will burn and kill if used directly.
My method:
In their chicken house, I place wood shavings on the floor and shelves. The poop gets deposited and is absorbed by the wood shavings. I put a fresh layer on once a week and clear it all out and start over once a month every month.
That mixture of poop and shavings go onto my compost pile along with all other stuff.

But the girls free range all during daylight hours in the orchard so they distribute their poop very sparingly and under all the fruit trees as they scratch up the dirt and eat the bugs. Pest control and fertilizing all at once.

Those Chicken tractors are really cool. Google that and you'll find some nice ones pre-built by Amish carpenters that ship for so reasonable a price. It's a house and a caged " free range" unit.

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Submitted by twig on

Did you get more? Are they delicious?

Must check the chicken tractors, but I have some sort of flu, so later. Back to bed....

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Submitted by insanelysane on

We are getting eggs from just one of the 10 so far. She used the nesting box for the first half dozen, but now she seems to prefer a bed of leaves under the wisteria. I need to find a way to convince her the nest boxes would be a better choice.

Can a chicken be trained?

I'll be finding out!