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Petidote of the Day 2012-04-13

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Piper in the in-box

Today's Petidote is courtesy of Correntian bungalowkitchens. Piper, shown above, is one of three. Below the fold, we got moar kittehz, moar picshurs, moar storiez! Moar, moar, moar! First up, Maya -- in a tote!

Maya in a tote

Followed by her sister, Tasha, on the back porch:

Tasha on back porch

And finally, Maya, filling in for Ceiling Cat:

Maya the roof kitten

Now the storiez:

Back in 2007, all but one of my four cats had passed away, and the remaining one, Ubu, was awfully lonely. I wasn’t really ready for a new cat, but it seemed like he needed companionship. Because Ubu was Burmese and kind of small, I thought a kitten would be less threatening. It was June, so I figured there would be no shortage of kittens. Wrong. I went to every single local animal shelter and there were no kittens.

One weekend I went down to San Jose to see my sister, so we decided to look for kittens there. We went to a couple of different shelters, and yes, there were kittens, and they were cute, but they weren’t the right kittens. I can’t explain why- it’s like love at first sight, and you know the right cat when you see it. We finally stopped at PetSmart, where they were having a mobile adoption day, and I took one look at these three kittens and knew- these were the right kittens.

The two calicos (Maya and Tasha) were sisters, and the orange one, Piper, was from a different litter. They had been rescued from the San Jose shelter, where they were about to be euthanized because they were feral. I have to say the rescue group had done an awesome job of socializing them -- to this day they have none of that wariness that even a socialized feral can have. I hadn’t been planning to adopt all three, but I did.

It took a while for Ubu to warm up to them, but once he did, they seemed to feel it was their responsibility to look after him, which they did for the last few months of his life.

Maya is a face nuzzler -- she will put her paws around my neck like a hug and rub her face against mine for half an hour if I let her. She’s also an “up” kitty -- she likes to go up on the roof, and the top of the fridge is one of her favorite perches.

Tasha was the alpha kitty until Piper got so big he was able to stage a coup. She insists on drinking from the faucet -- every morning she will sit in the kitchen sink until you turn the water on for her. She’s very loyal and sleeps next to me every night. Sometimes in the middle of the night she will have an attack of “hugginess” where she wants to lay across my face and purr. She also likes to knead and suck -- weaned too young I suppose.

Piper is like all big orange boys -- large (about 17 pounds), mostly laid back, friendly to everyone. He likes to wrestle but the girls don’t really oblige, since he outweighs them. Piper has a hair fetish -- he will come up behind you on the back of the sofa to nuzzle and bite your hair.

Unfortunately, he also has a peeing problem -- annoying enough, but his target of choice is kitchen appliances. He’s already destroyed one toaster, as well as a toaster oven, but he’s also sprayed the microwave, the dish drainer, the coffee pot… I’m having the cat behavior people out next week to see what can be done.

I can’t imagine not having small furry beings in my house.

Thanks very much, bk! I can't imagine not having them either. But you really scored -- what beautiful kitties!!
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Valley Girl's picture
Submitted by Valley Girl on

What a great kitty story and pics from BK. Really paints a great picture of the cat household.

I've never had a male cat, so I don't know what all they can get up to....

but, the part about "but his target of choice is kitchen appliances. He’s already destroyed one toaster, as well as a toaster oven, but he’s also sprayed the microwave, the dish drainer, the coffee pot…"

Is it okay to admit from my rather detached view (not having being subjected to this) that I did LOL?? Not so much the circumstances, but the description of the behavior.

How the heck did he destroy the toaster and the toaster oven?

Re: "I’m having the cat behavior people out next week to see what can be done."
I hope you will report back, BK.

In my own experience I know that cats can take revenge if they are disgruntled. I've also gotten various reports from friends, and from "cat house sitters", to the same effect. Is there something that triggered this behavior?

I'll have to reconstruct something I wrote about my own experience- I wish I could find my original report, b/c it was more timely and detailed.

Sequence of revenge events:

I fly to England to visit friends. Gillie picks me up at 7 am at Heathrow, after long haul flight. Drive home. I am determined to stay awake. Sit down in comfortable chair in sitting room. Gillie brings me tea, as a "perk up".

At the same time Mimm, the gorgeous long-haired moggie, is prowling sitting room. I scoop her up in to my lap, me being a cat-lover and all. Try to make nice. Mimm jumps off my lap. I persist and again put her on my lap.

Gillie says "Valley Girl, Mimm really is NOT a lap cat". But I try again. Fail.

I eventually thought I needed a nap, and went up to guest room, where Gillie had put my suitcase.

I looked at the well-made bed. And there, right next to the pillow... cat feces, #2.

I exclaimed something or other in distress, and Gillie came quickly up the stairs.

She took one look at the situation and said quite definitively:

"Valley Girl, I TOLD you that Mimm is not a lap cat."

Cat's revenge, and all in all quite hilarious.


jjmtacoma's picture
Submitted by jjmtacoma on

You might be able to keep him away from the electrical appliances that way. They don't like to touch the stuff.

I also saw this plastic mat in a cat catalog that has a pokey plastic things that cats don't like to walk on. I tossed the magazine or I would tell you the name of the company...

We have a late-night purr-fest at our house too. The cat sits on my husband's chest and he pets her in his sleep (I think). I keep meaning to ask if he remembers.

There are also those tacky little vinyl covers that our grandma's put over the small appliances that might prevent urine infiltration.

Submitted by hipparchia on

never slowed my cats down. at all. i spent hours and hours and hours removing it from the countertops when i moved out.

also, they've never been intimidated but the plastic pokey things either.

twig's picture
Submitted by twig on

and pee on your stuff? It used to make me crazy. One cat in particular used to spray in the house if I wouldn't let him go outside. It didn't take too long before he could go out whenever he wanted ;-). Humans are so easy to train.

Valley Girl's picture
Submitted by Valley Girl on

As I said, I've never had a male cat.

I've seen some wiggling butt maneuvers from female Tootsie, which indicate she is marking territory, but so far she's not destroyed a toaster oven.

twig's picture
Submitted by twig on

the two I have now never "think outside the box." And I've read that sometimes it's their way of telling you they're sick or have crystals in the urinary tract. Still, it would be so much better if they'd just write us a little note or something.

bungalowkitchens's picture
Submitted by bungalowkitchens on

probably woulda fried his butt. Ditto for the toaster oven. They've all been checked at the the vet- no urinary infections or anything. Piper is even taking Prozac.

I had a previous (also large and orange )cat who would take a huge smelly dump on the bathroom rug whenever I left town for any period of time. I deduced from watching one of those Animal Planet specials that this is something cats do in the wild if a member of their tribe is lost- one will go up a on a prominent ridge and leave a really smelly dump, so the "lost" one can use the smell to find its way home. Since he only did this when I went out of town, that kind of fit.

I find cats who live to be 15 or more eventually have peeing problems- usually kidney failure.

If you have this problem, I'd definitely stock up on "Zero Odor." Even it couldn't help the toaster oven....