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Peter Schiff calls his shot. Again and again and again.

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Let's admit it: Ron Paul's finance guy knew a thing or two about a thing or two.

See the background on this at Cannonfire.

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a dead fish seems intelligent, so while Schiff gets things correct that wasn't a tough crowd to beat. Kudos, none the less, for him standing up and sticking with his position. The mocking laughter from the other commentors is especially delicious, as is Ben Stein's call that the financial stocks are rock-bottom Super! bargains; hope he took his own advice and lost everything.

Ron Paul is still an ass.

And Token Tracey has something really wrong with her brow muscles - Botox, much?

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...he's a free market capitalist of the extreme laissez faire school. In other words, just because he knows what the problem is doesn't mean he has a solution. He is virulently anti-regulation, adamantly anti-government intervention. He's a libertarian of the nth degree. I take that back. He goes up to 11.

But he's not afraid to stand his ground. Gotta give him that.

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I've been talking about this for about two years. What scares e is what is behind this. It's not just the recession but the depression. And then the reorganization of the dollar into the AMero. America as we know it is over. The billionaires and multi billionaires have run the script to serfddom. We hve entered a fascist state and we still pretend that it hasn't happened. I know it sounds alarmist but what is occuring is just the tip of the ice berg. The dollar is in free fall. and the wealth of this country is going to be sold off to the highest bidder. This is the fasttrack to serfdom. Watch what happens on the COMEX at the end of this month.