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Including content in a book

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[Only contributors will be able include content in books, but this may be useful to everyone, to show how the site works.]

Here is how to include content in a book:

1. Create the content in the usual way.

2. Press Submit.

3. The post and its tabs appear. Click the Outline tab.

4. At parent, press the dropdown. An outline structure appears for the various books.

5. Select the part of the structure UNDER which you wish your post to appear. For example, I decided to put this post, "Including content in a book," UNDER "Books Can Be Created," since if I were writing a physical book, it would make sense to have a Chapter called "Books can be created," with a section called "Including content in a book."

WARNING: DO select from the dropdown to ADD content to a book. DO NOT leave the default, "top level," in place, because that will create a new book. (Only those with administrative privileges can create books.)

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