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Perfect Cheese Grits

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It's getting to be chilly even in West Texas. Alton Brown has a good basic grits recipe (note: he uses cornmeal. He doesn't call it polenta and he doesn't demand hominy. He understands that this is comfort food, and I salute him for acknowledging that it's a comfort to your budget, too).

At our house there are seldom leftovers when we have cheese grits.

But when there are I like to put them to use -- I'll move them into a loaf pan and chill them at least overnight. The next day I'll cut them into slices about 1/2'' thick and brown them in a heavy skillet (I like bacon drippings for this; ymmv). When they look like French toast, I'll plate 'em up; if it's breakfast they'll get a fried egg on top and bacon or ham alongside. If it's lunch they'll get served with a simple bean dish (drain a can of your favorite beans, and reheat in the microwave or on top of the stove. Pour in a bowl and add, per cup of beans, 2 generous tbsp fresh pico de gallo and 1 tbsp each shredded cheddar and bacon bits. Stir well and serve hot.) For supper they're liable to get served with chili.

What are y'all cooking for cold-weather nights?

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How do you make cheese grits, do you just add cheese to grits when they are done?

When I was a kid, my grandmother (properly pronounced: Gran-maw) used to serve grits with breakfast every day when I stayed with her. I "ruined" them by adding sugar.

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like mashed potatoes without butter. It's just wrong.

You can just fold cheese into finished grits; if you can make a bechamel sauce and melt your cheese in that first, add it to the grits about halfway through cooking them for a creamier end-product.

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Sounds very tasty.

Here's a great idea for a cold weather supper: white chicken chili. It's basically any drained white beans with chopped roasted Anaheim chilis, onions, chicken broth, half and half and shredded cooked chicken. I've made this with a skinned store-roasted chicken which makes it much easier. It's great to make the day before and it gets better each time you reheat it. You can add sour cream and shredded jack cheese before serving.

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I've had a horrible cold the past few days and don't feel like eating, let along cooking, which is killing me! The weather has finally turned cold and yucky, and comfort foods are begging to be made (including white chicken chili).


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"southwest seasoned" rotisserie chicken is good in it.

You can make it from scratch with turkey (or chicken -- try and get boneless thighs!) too.

My recipe calls for a can of chopped roasted Hatch chilis,
sauteed with a chopped onion and a chopped shallot until they go clear. I have a friend who tops it with queso fresco ...

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Growing up on the northern edge of the Mason Dixon line I never heard of cheese grits. But I did eat a lot of corn meal mush, which is pretty much the same, minus the cheese. You could buy it already made up in loaves in the refrigerated section of the grocery store or make it from scratch at home. It was one of my family's favorite Sunday morning breakfasts. And it was DELICIOUS fried in bacon drippings, drained, and topped with butter and maple syrup. Yum....

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Very good! Since it was just me and my husband, I scaled this for 6--used a 7 x 10 inch baking dish and it was just right. I also only cooked it about 40 minutes and it was lightly browned and creamy. I will be making this often,especially in the colder months! Thanks.