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Pentagon to send "advisors" to Ukraine

I hate to link to the Washington Times but:

A team of Pentagon officials is heading to Ukraine to help the country rebuild its fractured military, a mission that lawmakers and analysts expect will result in recommendations for greater military assistance [funding] in the country’s fight against pro-Russia separatists [funding] amid international outrage [funding] over the downing of a commercial airplane.

Within the next few weeks, a group of Defense Department representatives who specialize in strategy and policy [funding] will head to Kiev to evaluate specific programs [funding] that the United States may want to help bolster [funding], said Army Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman.

Great. I suppose, in context, this could be seen as a temporizing gesture, since the administration isn't sending in combat troops -- as if we could do that. Nevertheless, if you want to take Ukraine off the boil, this is not what you do. In fact, its a recipe for an extended proxy war on Russia's border. Yay!

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Aha! The problem is clearly that we keep sending military advisers into Asian countries. If only we had seen the opportunity earlier to switch to war torn European countries.

I guess the problem was a shortage of war torn European countries to send the advisers into.

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only there to watch and that has worked so will in the past. I would like to go into some history about the past but what is the point. Sad but this the new Amerika.

Everything is on schedule, please move along.

Bruce M there are according to Chris H more than 100 bases around the little blue sphere hurling around space. It's a sad story of not only what Amerika has become but what we are as a nation that crushed native Americans.

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...reason; and becoming the norm...
It's obvious intelligent action is reserved for a few souls who have to bear the burden of the ignorant...

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... but far more grubby, complex, and lethal, if such things were possible. I seem to remember you've recommended this series before; any reason for this particular episode?

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We are just past the 100th anniversary of the assination of the Arch Duke Ferdinand. July 30 will be the 100th anniversary of Austria's invasion of Serbia, and in a matter of days almost all the rest of Europe was sucked into the death spriral. It is incredible to me that this is lost on our policy makers. The similarities are so striking. Only it will be much worse, it could mean a nuclear holocast. The world will never forgive the US or Russia if it goes that far. This is like the cuban missle crisis, with the difference that Kennedy and Kruschev seemed to understand how close to ruin they were, where as Putin and Obama seem oblivious to the danger.

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Look up Ray McGovern points on that point. He was there at this time

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Once the heat of summer is past and winter is coming again, I plan to reread Game of Thrones. For me books are always better the 2nd and 3rd time through. I don't have to worry so much about the characters and I can savor the words and thoughts more.