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Pelosi tries to bitchslap a member of her own caucus, and--surprise!--fails miserably

Still, it's the thought that counts. Madame 11% stepped up to reinforce Bush's authority when it counted, and that always gets points in the Village. I'm sure we'll see much more of this from Leader Nance in the coming weeks and months.

But why did this pissant resolution condemning Stark for saying mean things about Bush even come to the floor?

Couldn't Leader Nance have saved her energy for something really important, like censuring MoveOn?

Meanwhile, Stark issues a grovelling apology.

[Hysterical laughter. Screams. Sound of breaking come to the floor, anyhow? Thuds, as of forehead on desk.]

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Please return to the original critique, and you will see why.

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I sure hope this gives Nancy some amusement. I know bringing the hammer down on a rep who says out loud what no self-respecting, corporate-owned rep would dare admit, that we are being run by delusional cultural sadists whose friends in the military industrial complex profit mightily from their war drum circles. Bang that drum, boys. Bang that drum. It amuses me.

Why, I declare, this must surely amuse our President. Perhaps we could make for him a small gift to be unveiled on the White House lawn: a jungle gym made of the limbs of soldiers & civilians maimed in the Iraq War. May he amuse himself the rest of his days.


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What a pathetic fucking display all around. Apologize to President Bush's FAMILY???


Because it is really the Bush family that these last 6+ years of Bush rule have been hardest on.

And fuck you, Nancy Pelosi.

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He was kind of a cannon rolling around the deck. Stark spoke the hideous truth - which just isn't done in today's kabuki-ized Congress. So now he asks for forgiveness. Reminds me of past caves (Durbin, for one) and makes me realize that the Republicans almost NEVER apologize. Maybe it's a bad comparison, because the D's are apologizing for telling the truth, whereas the R's would have to apologize for all the lies.

What the fuck is up with that?

So part of the kabuki is the republicans and Bush-dogs screaming foul every time a Democrat opens his or her mouth. How come it doesn't work the other way?

No party discipline, and that's a leadership issue. Combine it with they're all feeding at the same money trough as the Rethugs, and you get a Democrat Party that rolls over on EVERYTHING (habeus corpus, taking back something they said even if it is true, immunity for the telecoms, endless war, not answering subpoenas, etc).

Solution? Zero money from blogs to DNC, DSCC, DCCC until they get it right. If they can't have party discipline, then we must exert discipline from without. Let's stop the small donations. It will have to start with the big boys (kos, turtleneck), and it seems like a remote possibility, but I am more hopeful that concerted effort on this will be more productive than waiting for Nancy and Harry to do the right thing.

I was dreaming of a Gore/Obama ticket today, after a diary over at orange satan. It will change nada. Money in politics is the corrosive force, and until that is fixed, we're just so fucked it ain't funny.

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