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Pelosi puts prosecuting Bush regime criminals on the table

Yow! Gotta hand it to her. If Pelosi can drag the any of the members of the criminal Bush regime into court... I will be one happy camper, and may even send the Democrats a little money!

Maddow asked Pelosi whether she would favor criminal prosecutions if, as many people expect, the IG Report concludes that the warrantless eavesdropping was illegal:

MADDOW:  Then in terms of your report, if the inspector general report that comes out this summer suggests that there has been criminal activity at the official level on issues like torture, or wireless wiretapping, or rendition, or any of these other issues...

PELOSI: No one is above the law. I think I have said that.

MADDOW: ... you support a call for a criminal investigation, potential investigation.

PELOSI: Absolutely.

That's pretty definitive.

Now, "hope, but verify." Obviously, a lot depends on who writes that report. And if you read the whole article, you'll see that Gang of Eight member Pelosi is "largely evasive" (Greenwald's word) about how much she knew. And it would be a real shame if only a few "bad apples" were prosecuted when every apple in the entire barrel was rotten to the core.

Nevertheless, it's very welcome to have prosecuting criminals who hold high office on the table.

NOTE Does this mean I take back anything I've ever said about Pelosi? Of course not. That would be like... Well, suppose you had a stuck window. And you banged on it until it unstuck itself, and then you could open it. Would you say "Wow! My window's open now! I should never have banged on it!" Of course not. And so with the Overton Window (as long as the "bangs" aren't truthy, of course.)

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Submitted by pie on

I'm making popcorn right now. No, really.

But there's always some in the cupboard for future republican takedowns. Go, Nancy.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

Many Dems supported the FISA "reform", including the incumbent president. Also, how does the Obama administration *really* view "rendition", which is a broad term? Will Obama's position on these matters influence congressional Dems investigation efforts?

I prefer to see action rather than taking words on good faith. Been fooled too many times doing that, and as the saying goes...won't get fooled again.

Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

...that Pelosi doesn't control prosecutions -- and endorsing the idea of theoretical prosecutions doesn't mean shit.
Pelosi has the means to ensure that prosecutions take place, by ensuring that hearings take place in the House during which the criminality of the Bush regime is exposed in all its invidious detail. Nothing says "prosecute me" like taking the fifth amendment when asked about actions taken in an official capacity!

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Submitted by lizpolaris on

disingenuous. Pelosi has said for 2 years that there was no evidence of any criminal behavior occuring during the Bush administration or she would certainly do something about it (despite members of both parties laying out the case for her in excrutiating detail - Sen. Feingold and Republican constitutional scholar Bruce Fein just to name 2). Impeachment was off the table and so was any other meaningful investigation. She swept into to the Speaker's chair vowing to use 'supoena power' and then rarely invoked and never enforced it.

Her comments on FISA are just ludicrous. Any report issued will be toilet paper for historians because it's my understanding that criminal behavior by those involved in activities found to be illegal relating to wiretapping are given blanket immunity for past AND FUTURE actions by FISA. So what if the report comes out detailing what we've already heard about illegal spying on US citizens. Oopsie - we can't prosecute anyone for anything because of this little bill we accidentally passed. Oh, gee, we congresscritters didn't realize it would have that effect. Our bad. Move along.

Pelosi and the Democrats were swept into office in 2006 on the idea that they would put a halt to this kind of presidential abuse of power by investigating and prosecuting those responsible. They completely abdicated their responsibility - and NOW they are ready to put someone in jail? I doubt it.

Far too little, far too late. Pelosi made no attempt to stop the criminal behavior while it was going on (and now while it probably continues to go on). But hey, let's give it some lip service.