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Pelosi: 'Civilization As We Know It Would Be In Jeopardy' If The GOP Wins The Senate

Wowsers. Pelosi really has passed her sell-by date. But not to worry.

Obama's new war(s), whoever the Fuck it/they are against, will doubtless rally voters round the flag one more time.

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Anyway, she should have thought about these issues before she took impeachment off of the table and gave the Republicans virtually everything they needed to scrape themselves out of the gutter they had fallen into.

Fifty percent do not know that there are elections because those elections seem to make no difference in their lives. At this point, those founding fathers she references appear to have fought and died so that she can buy more and better pearls.

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We'll know what they're made of. Well, we know. But many more will.

The hilarious thing would be if the Republicans just abolished the filibuster and passed a whole bunch of shit. The even more hilarious part is that if they don't, their supporters will know what they're made of.

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Agreed. Every time I see an older woman sporting the Nancy Reagan look it brings out the Grandmother in this old man; get that woman a sandwich, stat!

What was really the worst, though, was the incessant nervous laughter. So distracting and so unnecessary for an interview with someone known for softball interviews. Pretty scary, she should have saved that act for Halloween.