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Peak Oil, Pigs and Pop Tarts

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Fascinating interview with sustainable farming expert Joel Salatin on "How to Prepare for a Future Increasingly Defined By Localized Food & Energy." Even if you hate gardening, it's worth the time it takes to read. It's not about growing vegetables, it's about what's going on in our world today and how to change it.

The full transcript is at There's also an audio version here.

A few selected quotes:

"A culture that views its life with that kind of conquistador, mechanical, disrespectful, manipulative mentality will soon view its citizens the same way and other cultures the same way."

"In the last 35 years, our culture has exchanged an 18% per capita expenditure on food and 9% on health care to 18% on health care and 9% on food. And I would suggest that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to think there might be a connection between the inversion of those two numbers."

"its really arguable right now, whether a culture which has incarcerated twice as many people in prisons as it has farmers growing its food – whether a culture [that] is that disconnected from its ecological umbilical can even survive?"

(h/t Zero Hedge)