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Peak Facebook

Ha ha. It's OK to sell your identity and your friends to the data miners -- since most people who use FaceBorg are more trusting than warranted -- but I don't think it's going to be OK to sell your friends to the advertisers. "Bill and Caitlin's Wedding: Brought to You By Megalith Corporation, your friends in [Your Home Town]!"

As Facebook's stock continues its slump, now trading even lower than yesterday's low, the Internet [Huh?] has reached a consensus on why the IPO of the year isn't performing: Advertising. It's how Facebook makes its dollars. And, it has made a lot of dollars this way. But it's not clear Facebook's very good at it, or will get good enough at it to justify a $38 per share price.

FB's ads suck. They're clearly just cheap-ass scams funded by clickthroughs. I have never purchased anything from a FB ad, and I've only clicked through on the ads that were so uniquely horrible I just had to go see. So, "a lot of money" in absolute terms, but I doubt very much a lot of money when measured by its user base.

So, what can FB do to increase ad revenue? Or, more to the point, what can it do to make its investors think it will? Hey, here's an idea:

Let's put humongous rollovers on the timeline!

Aaaugh!!! FaceBorg == AOL, mark my words.

Anyhow, Zuckerberg's done his work: He's funnelled millions of people's personal identities into the DHS servers, so he can cash in and bow out as gracefully as persons of Zuckerberg's ilk can do.

NOTE Actually, I would argue that FB's real value, which nobody seems to recognize, is that it can be used as a (privatized) identity authentication mechanism. If you've ever used your FB account to log-in anywhere, that's what's going on. That's how the AirBnB service works, for example.

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Submitted by Lex on

The money and the value of FB is in selling the personal data, but if FB advertises that to make people think there's value in the stock, it's likely to prompt more users to GTFO.

The FB/Google/Twitter log-in that's the new internet thing is bullshit. Gawker's forcing it on all sites going forward, and when you go to convert, you don't have to give Gawker access to your social media link, but the directions kind of make you think you do.

The dossiers are growing in breadth and depth, and it's reaching a point where the only option is full Tor browsing or giving up the internet. I'm still deciding whether the internet is worth the trouble of Tor all the time.

Submitted by hipparchia on

I'm still deciding whether the internet is worth the trouble of Tor all the time.

it's not. i've given up great portions of the internet because i didn't like using tor and still i'm trying to avoid some of the worst of the data mining where i can [or where i know about it].

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Submitted by Aeryl on

Plug in seems to be working well for me, it also works with my AVG software.

Joe Cannon also recommends Stealth as your search engine, but I've never used it(Microsoft suckered me into Bing for all those free Microsoft points I use on my Xbox).

Submitted by lambert on

And as Google's once simple and beautiful page becomes more and more baroque and creepy, and the search results get worse and worse, I may shift over. The habits of a decade are hard to break though.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

I've used Google a few times in that past months, b/c when you search for computer solutions through Bing it tends to take you predominantly to Microsoft pages(Big Surprise!), and I agree the results pages are getting progressively worse.

Submitted by hipparchia on

i get an "account suspended" message for that one