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PB1.0 has always been aware of postpartisanship

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In case anyone busts you for having gushed about Obama as a transcendent, progressive reformer or for offering nary a peep in company that did, here is a handy list of sure-fire responses:

  • "Of course I knew Obama wasn't a liberal, I thought everyone knew "
  • "It (truth, fairness, better vetting of candidates and pushing them to make commitments to progressives) wasn't worth the agita"
  • "The economy is pushing Obama to be 'pragmatic'"
  • "Doris Kearns Goodwin paraphrased wrote a cool book about a 'Team of Evils,' so we need rightwingers in positions of power"

The conservatives have had their turn continuing to treat as Serious Experts those who got it wrong. Now, it's our turn, dammit!


I'm rather surprised that some former supporters are flipping the bozo bit on the Obama pre-Presidency. I'm not, but it's clearly becoming fashionable for people to try covering their tracks and pretending they knew Obama was a "centrist" all along, and that it wasn't a topic worth making a fuss about.

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