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Payroll tax holiday goes mainstream

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The Payroll Tax Needs a Vacation

He does not give Warren Mosler credit, but at least the idea is getting out there.

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I'm not so sure I agree with this tax vacation meme. For one thing it feeds the idea taxation is a problem in and of itself. Another thing is this usually means the breaks all fall on the employer/rentier side, not employees.

What people need are jobs... jobs with decent wages (increase minimum wage to 21 per hour (commensurate with rise of min wage inflation from mid 1970's). We need single payer health care which allows people and business to compete with the top 36 developed nations costs. We need to compete in a fair trade environment, not neo liberal free trade. What we need is for corporations and rich to pay their progressively fair share in taxes. We need speculation gamblers to pay taxes on all types of stock transactions.

We need to cut defense by at least 85 percent. We need a massive new energy policy to replace the MIC.