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Paul Ryan was once a strong supporter of Keynsian stimulus during recessions

for real Keynseian reasonsand for real Keynsian outcomes, that assisting the country to spend would increase government revenues later and sooner than without stimulus.

But that was 2002, with a Republican president. is now.

Well, we're all entitled to change our minds when the facts warrant logical change. Of course, Paul doesn't need logic and facts now; he has his ideology, very well funded by Koch Bros, and their ilk.

Video of speech at the link at Business Insider.

This should make a good ad for Obama, except that Obama didn't do stimulus very well because he was looking out for his corporatist sponsors' needs and desires more than for those of us in the lower four economic quintiles. So, if he brings this up, he can be attacked for his lack of leadership.

Way to go, BO.