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Partisans and Their "Most Important Election of Our Lifetime" Crap

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When partisans start in with the "most important election of our lifetime" nonsense, it shows how little they really care about your lifeline. The 2000 election qualifies, but it was stolen, and not by Ralph Nader. It was stolen by the Kangaroo SCOTUS, Katherine Harris, and the entire Bush family. What does that tell you? 

It tells you that even if you made 50 million phone calls back then, it wouldn't have a made a lick of a difference. To these partisan drones, who also make excuses for drone attacks on innocent civilians, for Obama, I say that even if no one ever heard of Ralph Nader, the Bush cabal in Florida and the SCOTUS would have found a way to steal the votes for the margin they needed in Florida, so STFU about that. Your mind has been controlled where you attack the American peoples' Constitutional right to run for office rather than the theft of American Representative Democracy. Not that Gore was all that -- he believed in many of the things that caused this economic crisis -- but that was the last time an election truly mattered on the margins considering the Iraq war, the climate crisis, and the surveillance state. 

The fact that we still have partisan nitwits harassing Nader in 2014, while projecting and deflecting the failures of the neoliberal Robert Rubinite Democratic party, truly shows just how weak their minds really are and how easily they are controlled by the 1% they claim to oppose. Forget their meaningless national electioneering. The barons of finance own this fucking place, so spend your time doing something productive so you can survive it.

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It's all I can muster, so I decided to post them and refine my banner for them. I am pretty disgusted with all aspects of politics, but especially when we will soon hear this crap for the 2014 mid terms and then Hillary fever in 2016. You can count me out. However, Corrente and Naked Capitalism does great work regardless, so I will tune in when I can.