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Parsing Impotence

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From the subscription only Roll Call: (sorry but I just have to post on it)

Looking to pivot away from futile yearlong attempts to end the war in Iraq and increase domestic spending in the first half of the 110th Congress, Democratic leaders will dispatch Members home this week armed with a message focused on domestic accomplishments,accomplishments??? as well as a bevy of potentially potent campaign issues heading into a crucial election year. Although Democrats also hope voters will blame Republicans for keeping the war going, some Democrats acknowledged the issue could take a back seat in the next session of the 110th Congress as economic issues are given a more central role.

"Every time you bring up Iraq, you enforce our inability to create and deliver change," the aide said.

Anyone want to take a stab at what that even means? I think some would use the word "awesome!" in that totally ironic and not serious way. Not-my god do they suck...

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