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Park Rangers Block National Alliance of HUD Tenants from MLK Memorial

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On the 26th of June, the National Alliance of HUD Tenants(NAHT) intended to stage a rally at the MLK Memorial, only to be blocked by park rangers from passing the stone entrance. They were there to do the same kind of work on housing that Martin Luther King did, yet were prohibited from entering his memorial.

NAHT was there to promote the "Budget for all," a counterproposal to the "Ryan Budget" that masssively cuts housing programs and almost all other social programs. Tearing down funding for public housing leads to tearing down public housing, but that's just fine with the developers and racists who want poor people and people of color OUT of the cities.

What is the point of honoring MLK Jr if you are going to turn people like this away from his memorial????

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To reduce MLK to nothing more than a guy who simply had a dream, one that included a black neoliberal president, but had nothing to do with poverty, war, etc. That's why corporate America was willing to pay for it - to ensure that MLK posthumously endorsed the American empire.