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Paris Terror Attack like 9/11 Useful for 'New World Order'

The January 7th terror attack in Paris has been the justification for French President Hollande to deploy 10,000 troops and thousands of police officers for furthering state control over all of the French citizenry.

French and empathetic global citizens are justifiably and sincerely outraged by the tragedy. However, imperialism- and fascism-bent patriarchal leaders are eager to exploit the collective outflow of concern to Orwellianly craven and cynical advantage in their erosion of democratic and socially responsible principles in their respective countries and targeted others.

Stephen Lendman in “Waging A Phony War on Terror: 'Terrorists R US' Defines U.S. Foreign Policy” does an excellent job summing up the realpolitik:

Orwell said political rhetoric defends the indefensible. So-called wars on terrorism are wars of terrorism. State-sponsored. Against designated individuals, groups or nations.

The late Howard Zinn asked “(h)ow can you make war on terrorism if war is terrorism.” Governments are the greatest terrorist threats.


Calling aggressive wars self-defense. Good v. evil. America arrogates to itself the right to be the world’s sheriff, judge and hangman.


Waging war on terrorism is a pretext for permanent New World Order wars of conquest. Carving up whole continents for profit and dominance.

Serving monied interests. At the expense of popular ones. Using America’s resources for unchallenged US hegemony. No matter the human cost.

Fictitious enemies are created. Wars on terrorism follow. At home and abroad.

Especially post-9/11.

What Project for a New American Century (PNAC) neocons called a “catastrophic and catalyzing event…like a new Pearl Harbor” was needed to advance US hegemonic aims.

Changing rules of engagement. From rule of law observance to anything goes.

America declared war on Islam.

Muslims are targets of choice. Terrorism is what they do. Not us. Nazis claimed they were protecting populations from terrorists directed from abroad.


Supported by rogue Western partners. Israel. Other extremist states. Allied against freedom. Making the world safe for monied interests.

At the expense of millions of lost lives. Unspeakable human misery. Unlimited wealth, power and privilege. Genocide is a small price to pay.


Militarized madness and then some. Heading things perhaps for armageddon. America, other Western states and Israel are more battlegrounds than homelands.

Anyone can be arrested, charged, prosecuted and imprisoned. On spurious terrorism charges.

Others or none at all. Held indefinitely. Designated state enemies have no rights.

Police states operate this way.

Democracy is pure fantasy. Existing in name only. Raw power rules. Challengers risk persecution, imprisonment or death.

Thousands of political prisoners languish in America’s gulag. The world’s largest by far. Israel operates the same way. So do other Western nations.


In his book titled “The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terror,” Trevor Aaronson chronicled so-called terrorist incidents in America over the last decade. Saying one common theme defines them.

“The organization responsible for more terrorist plots over the last decade than any other is the FBI.”

“Through elaborate and expensive sting operations, involving informants and undercover agents posing as terrorists, the FBI has arrested and the Justice dept. has prosecuted dozens of men government officials say posed direct – but by no means credible or immediate – threats to the United States.”

Terror plots are invented. Innocent patsies used advantageously.

Part of America’s fear-mongering campaign. Manipulating public opinion. Supported by scoundrel media misinformation.

Big Lies. Getting people to believe nonexistent terrorists threaten their security. Implementing repressive policies. Eviscerating civil liberties. Waging phony wars on terrorism.

Peter Symonds in “Who is responsible for the French terrorist attacks?” provocatively asks:

Last week’s shootings in Paris follow a recurring pattern in the “war on terror.” Virtually all of those involved in or linked to terrorist attacks in major imperialist centres—from the 9/11 attacks and Boston Marathon bombings to the London subway and Madrid train station bombings and the café siege last month in Sydney—have had unexplained and suspicious relations with the security agencies in those countries.

A Euronews article entitled “Key questions around the Charlie Hebdo killings go unanswered” asks why French security did not keep closer tabs on the perpetrators. “That may be because,” it suggests, “as often in the past, the French like to ‘turn’ terrorists to do their bidding. The Kouachis may have been candidates for such treatment, but no one in Paris is ever likely to admit that, even if it is a legitimate form of counter-espionage. Not now.”

As some journalists and bloggers have been asking, with the outpouring of outrage and compassion for the French, where are our hearts for the recently slaughtered Nigerians: one hundred times the number of deaths of the Paris killings -- 2000 -- of mostly children, women and the elderly by Boko Haram in Baga last week?

According to Chris Marsden in “Imperialist war, the 'war on terror' and the end of democracy” French Prime Minister Valls has declared France has a new renewed "war against jihadism", against "radical Islam". Ramped up “neocolonialism” and imperialism, concludes Marsden, is what it is really about, as well as domestic oppression of civil rights.

Marsden discloses that France’s national assembly just voted to extend French air strikes in Iraq against ISIS. Over in the UK, another prime minister, David Cameron is expanding state surveillance and other policies to limit free speech and privacy in the name of national security. There a new ban on internet encryption there. The state can be secretive, but not private citizens!

Other European countries are looking into tightening border controlls.

Marsden explains that the tragic killing of 17 people in France was not the REAL impetus for governments to ramp up security measures. The “new world order” promoters have had this on their ongoing agenda and want to keep on feeding a global war on terror for their regime change, disaster capitalism, shock and awe, corporate war profiteering.

We have moved into the next latest wave of anti-democratic counter-revolution by our respective states!

Marsden writes:

The purpose of this “war,” in both its international and domestic manifestations, is to provide a political rationale for the re-division of the world between the major imperialist powers. After more than 13 years, it is clear that the “war on terror” is the pretext and political framework for the reestablishment of colonial-style domination and subordination of the world’s peoples to the dictates of finance capital.

Military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and elsewhere have been conducted to install puppet regimes so as to secure control of oil, gas and other geostrategic resources—at the cost of millions of lives and untold human suffering.

In the course of these bloody and one-sided conflicts, the US, France and other imperialist powers have rained down bombs on defenceless civilians, carried out torture and assassination, and committed war crimes. Entire countries have been ravaged.

If you belong to a minority group or are an immigrant your quality of life has now worsened more than it undoubtedly has been with governments and their media ramping up fear of the “other”. Joblessness, poverty, physical and social threats are even more in your futures.

But the "others" are not the only victims of state oppression. We all are.

Marsden mentions “pseudo-left” groups like trade unions which have come to serve their corporate “pseudo-left” masters and are rabidly anti-socialism, even thouh socialistic policies would bring social relief and recovery to average citizens globally. The patriarchical paradigm of competition, might makes right, profiteering, power-addiction is getting all the more entrenched after decades of exploitation. We need a paradigm shift to humanism. To cooperation, empathy, partnership among countries. The state's politicians no longer serve citizens, they serve their oligarchical overlords in all these imperialist nations.

We pretty much are ALL Muslims at this point. If we can only see the set up by the global one-percenters and not continue to be their patsies, their enablers, their victims.

Think of all our communications in the U.S. being “scooped up” as Justin Raimondo in “March of the Hypocrits” recently pointed out to be be stored in a giant Utah facility. Before 9/11 that would have been considered too improbable even for a sci-fi novel. It is part of a new and terrifying -- what SHOULD be terrifying without the hysteria-confusion of media and craven world leaders -- normal. We must wake ourselves up to the reality beyond this ever-enlarging formidable matrix of oppression and exploitation led by representatives who, again, no longer represent us and a media that propagandizes instead of genuinely communicates.

Marsden writes:

The state apparatuses in France, the United States, Britain and other countries have themselves colluded in terror attacks in order to justify the strengthening of their repressive arsenal and advance their designs on the world’s resources.

It is in order to legitimise this offensive that Islamophobia is being stoked up. Charlie Hebdo has long played a deeply reactionary role in support of this campaign, establishing itself as an anti-Muslim hate sheet specialising in noxious and stupid cartoons denigrating Muslims and the Prophet Mohammed. It has published a series of racist caricatures.

Its most notorious edition was the November 3, 2011 “Charia Hebdo,” supposedly “guest-edited” by Mohammed and published in the aftermath of France’s participation in the US-led regime-change operation in Libya.

The publication of today’s commemorative edition, featuring yet another degrading caricature of Mohammed, is a political provocation by the French state, which has funded, to the tune of €1 million, its 3 million-print run and worldwide distribution in 16 languages. Millions in additional funds have been contributed by Google, the Guardian Media Group, Le Monde, Canal Plus, Mail International and other media corporations. Charlie Hebdo is only one cog in a much larger ideological apparatus designed to whip up racist and nationalist sentiment. The aim is to provide the necessary breeding ground for far-right movements—the National Front in France, Pegida in Germany, the UK Independence Party in Britain—to be deployed as shock troops against the working class.


For almost a quarter of a century, world imperialism has been seeking to take advantage of the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the reintroduction of capitalism in Russia and China to bring about what President George Bush senior proclaimed in 1991 to be the “new world order.” The order Bush spoke of was shrouded in the language of universal progress. The 1991 Gulf War, he said, would herald a world “where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind—peace and security, freedom, and the rule of law.”

The reality is what we see today. Imperialism has dragged humanity backwards and plunged the entire world into a living nightmare.

We average citizens in western countries are being played over and over with state and media-induced hysteria as fascism steadily escalates and limitations on state oppression and exploitation of citizens get removed, all under the pretense of “WESTERN VALUES” and a faux-noble battle against international terrorism.

Jeremy Scahill appeared recently on Democracy Now ("Circus of Hypocrisy") and pointed out the hypocrisies of so many of those declaring support of freedom of speech in context of the Paris attacks. Scahill reminds that it was David Cameron who ordered the smashing of the hard drives of the Guardian for storing NSA files from Snowden. It is Netanyahu’s administration that targets for death or kidnapping, abduction and jailing journalists sympathetic to Palestinians. It was Obama who arranged to keep a Yemeni journalist in prison for years for reportng on secret US air strikes in Yemen that had killed scores of citiznes. The journalist’s name is Abdulelah Haider Shaye. Also, Sami al-Haji is an Al Jazeera cameraman who was held at Gitmo for 6 years without charges. His interrogators there were eager to link Al Jazeera with al-Qaeda. It is General Sisi in Egypt who has imprisoned scores of journalists for attempting to write of the dark reality there.

John V. Whitbeck in “Reflections from Paris -- Who is Marching Anywhere to Honor Those Killed in Baga?” examines past French free speech and journalism oppression. Palestinian and BDS activities have been prosecuted in France for the crime of “inciting discrimation and racial hatred” just for advocating a boycott of Israeli products. Prime Minister Manuel Valls banned a show by a popular French comedian for offending Jews. So the Charlie cartoonists were okay in satirizing Muslims, but there is a strong pro-Jewish double-standardism within the French administration. During the Gaza massacre Valls banned a demonstration in Paris sympathetic to the Gazans. In France any “distortion” of the approved history of the Holocaust risks criminal prosecution.

Jonathan Turley in “The Biggest Threat to French Free Speech Isn’t Terrorism. It’s The Government.” writes:

The cases have been wide-ranging and bizarre. In 2008, for example, Brigitte Bardot was convicted for writing a letter to then-Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy about how she thought Muslims and homosexuals were ruining France. In 2011, fashion designer John Galliano was found guilty of making anti-Semitic comments against at least three people in a Paris cafe. In 2012, the government criminalized denial of the Armenian genocide (a law later overturned by the courts, but Holocaust denial remains a crime). In 2013, a French mother was sentenced for “glorifying a crime” after she allowed her son, named Jihad, to go to school wearing a shirt that said “I am a bomb.” Last year, Interior Minister Manuel Valls moved to ban performances by comedian Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, declaring that he was “no longer a comedian” but was rather an “anti-Semite and racist.” It is easy to silence speakers who spew hate or obnoxious words, but censorship rarely ends with those on the margins of our society.


Recently, speech regulation in France has expanded into non-hate speech, with courts routinely intervening in matters of opinion. For example, last year, a French court fined blogger Caroline Doudet and ordered her to change a headline to reduce its prominence on Google — for her negative review of a restaurant.

Whitbeck, aforementioned, writes:

I was alarmed this week to see a front page of Le Monde headlined “FRANCE’S SEPTEMBER 11”. I hope and trust that France will not, like the United States after 9/11, go berserk, transforming its former democracy into a fear-driven surveillance state with strong totalitarian tendencies, lashing out at perceived enemies at home and abroad and thereby creating more enemies and greater hatred directed toward it and its people. (The Kouachi brothers, responsible for the Charlie Hebdo assassinations, had previously attributed their personal radicalization to the American torture and humiliation program at Abu Ghraib prison outside Baghdad.)

Notice that western mainstream media outlets don't want to touch the real roots of the radicalization of all these alleged terrorists. Just as they did not focus on the motivating roots of the 9/11 attack, except for the lame "they hate us for our freedom" meme.

Finally, Laurent Daure in "Bloodbath at Charlie Hebdo" wisely observes and asks:

The following question should be posed with cold lucidity: How could we imagine for even an instant that we in the West can invade and humiliate country after country (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc), close our eyes to the countless “blunders” of NATO, untiringly support Israel and its oppression of the Palestinians, provoke Iran time after time, finance and support “rebels” (jihadists) to destabilize the governments that we don’t like (such as in Syria), and commit countless other crimes in foreign countries, without provoking repercussions on the French soil? I am surprised that such a thing has not occurred earlier (the anti-terrorist services must be working hard).

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