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Papiere, Bitte (Papers, Please)

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So, correct me if I’m wrong, but has’t it been the Right that’s bitched about Obama and the Dems turning this country into the next Nazi Germany????

But if you ask the the Arizona Senatorial candidates, apparently it’s a great thing that a new regulation virtually enacts World War II era Germany rules into Arizona state laws.

If the bill is signed by Arizona’s governor, police will Arizona officially have the right to stop and ask people for “their papers”. If this doesn’t make ya’ mad as fire, you best not come talkin’ to me about how it’s Obama that’s threatenin’ your freedom!

I also don’t want to hear nothin’ about any Democratic attack on the Constitution! This new bill, passed by the Republican led legislature, officially infringes on our Civil Rights more than a fox (News included!) loves the hen house. Let’s just mull this one over a bit, shall we?

First off, Section 11-1051B of Arizona Senate Bill 1070, it will be legal for any police officer to request documentation from an individual if they believe there is “reasonable suspicion” they are within the country illegally. Now I know I may just be a simple-minded redneck, but I thought the Fourth Amendment guaranteed our right against unlawful searches and seizures. Did the “probable cause” requirement suddenly become unnecessary?

Secondly, it’s about as clear as mud to me as to how local authorities intend to enforce this new legislation without infringing on the civil rights of local Brown people. The bill is a direct result of public outcry against illegal immigration by Latinos. Perhaps the local legislature no longer gives a fuck about the fact that Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination of individuals on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. How exactly do they intend to identify the illegal immigrants without profiling every Brown person in the immediate vicinity?

Lastly, with the risk of offending all y’all “State’s Rights” folks, it is the Federal government, not the States, that has power over immigration laws.

Even a blind man could see that this legislation has more issues than Amy Winehouse!

I can’t help but think that perhaps someone should mention to the Arizona Chapter of the Tea Party that while they were so preoccupied, bitching about Obama snatching away their civil liberties, somebody else just did.

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