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Pantry clearout: Licorice with high lead content recalled


How does lead get into licorice?!


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But only in three states as if 8/12. The article doesn't indentify the manufacturer; the brand is Lucky Country.

Huh? Whassup with high lead in licorice?

Drat, it's hard enough already to find real black licorice. Red Vines black twists at least tastes like real licorice, not that awful sweet stuff from other mfrs. Now, it'll be pulled and may not get back on lots of retailers' shelves.

Oh, well, One more reason to avoid sugar.

At least I've found a source for Original Licorice Snaps here in northern NJ suboonia -- just have to drive 10 miles each way to get at Acme. And it's significantly lower in price per bag at Amazon. Woot! Ibkt problem is it's so delicious it's hard to eat rationally (as in rationing...).