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Off to paint some kitchen trim....

... with the first priming step, using Zinsser BIN shellac-based primer, leaving me so drunk on the fumes I won't be able to finish the job until the evening, even if it does dry in 45 minutes....

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Submitted by ohio on

Because Kilz has a no-stench version that works okay. I use the original Kilz but I wear a mask because I use a paint sprayer, hahaha, and yes that makes me superior.

You know, you can use plain old shellac (Zinsser sells that, too). Shellac is dissolved in alcohol so there are fumes but it dries crazy fast, especially if you use an HVLP sprayer, which hahaha I have and that makes me even superiorer. Anyway, the shellac seals the wood so it can take paint and it has no water so it doesn't raise the grain.

And I'm having a brain spasm right now regarding whether you have to use an oil or water-based paint over shellac. That part of my brain was probably destroyed by paint fumes. Oh, well, the internets is my memory now.

Regardless, don't fall off the ladder. That would be bad.

Submitted by lambert on

Yes, I already bought and finished applying the Zinns shellac-based primer. Love that dry time, brain cells be damned! Masks are for wusses.... (And when I primed dry wall with it, bang! One coat, where ordinary primer was still being soaked up after two. Granted, I used a brush instead of a sprayer.)

I don't know whether one is supposed to cover shellac-based primer with latex or not, but what I can say is that on my interiors, I did so, and it was superb. Not only the dry time, and the coverage, but a beautiful smooth surface!

Anyhow, I'm going to shovel some snow now, and clear my head, and now that the surface prep is done, the fun stuff can start! I love lining in with no tape! It's the best! As soon as I figured out it wasn't geometry, but an optical illusion of straightness, all was well...

Submitted by hipparchia on

any kind of paint on shellac primer:

The fast drying and strong adhesion qualities makes for a great primer for both oil and acrylic based paints.

seems to be ust the oil-based paint/water-based primer combination that you have to worry about:

it is generally a rule of thumb never to apply oil based paint products and varnished over water-based primers.

i love the smell of denatured alcohol.

Submitted by ohio on

I was brain spasming over BLO (boiled linseed oil) under, and never over, shellac. Nothing to do with paint.

And if you lvoe the smell of denatured alcohol, do I have a job for you. You get to use gallons of the stuff. And then remove large sheets of glass and scrape stuff. Totally a blast, not literally of course. I disapprove of explosions inside the house as a general rule.

Submitted by lambert on

Paint should flow. Painting with latex is like painting with cake frosting.

Anyhow, strip, caulk, prime, paint two windows; paint two doors with trim, door frame for a third door, using a brush: 2-4, 7-10:30 -- 5 1/2 hours. I wonder what it would have taken a pro. Half that? Hard to imagine.