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"My party has lost its soul: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and the victory of Wall Street Democrats" (0) lambert
"confused cats against feminism" (0) lambert
"Optic Nerve: millions of Yahoo webcam images intercepted by GCHQ" (0) lambert
"Incandescent emulators" (0) lambert
"Israel’s Iron Dome is more like an iron sieve" (0) lambert
"Voter approval rates as butt plugs" (0) lambert
I hate the Red States vs. Blue States trope... (0) lambert
"Zepyhr Teachout to Andrew Cuomo: Resign Now" (0) lambert
"Percentage of women running farms in Maine more than double national average" (0) lambert
"Millionaire 'Urinated On Sweets In CVS Store'" (0) lambert
One reason the Detroit water shutoffs cause terror (0) lambert
Justine Tunney is a horrible human being (0) lambert
"I was at a fistfight, and a parliamentary session broke out!" (0) lambert
Obama + Michelle Cashing In - Palm Springs Mansion (3) Rainbow Girl
The banksters are like locusts, eating everything (0) lambert
"The Big Sell-Out: The Congressional Black Caucus and the Internet" (0) lambert
Not sure how things turned out for Arthur Silber but I fear the worst (0) lambert
"Capitol Hill Staffer Arrested With Gun" (0) lambert
"Bering Strait Theory, Pt. 1: How Dogma Trumped Science" (0) lambert
"The Federal Reserve Chief Just Poured Cold Water on Social Media Valuations" (0) lambert
The Global Accords Governing the Fair Use of Women (0) lambert
"My slow withdrawal from all things Google" (7) lambert
The black misleadership class at work (2) lambert
"Israel army tells Palestinians in north Gaza to evacuate" (0) lambert
And speaking of "extremists".... (0) lambert
Global 0.01% sinking their loose cash into luxury housing in Canada (0) lambert
Obots want Ginsberg to step down now... (0) lambert
"New Delay for F-35 Jets as Defense Department Grounds Fleet After a Fire" (1) lambert
"Hacking into Internet Connected Light Bulbs" (3) lambert
"Protesters in Murrieta force detainees' buses to go to Chula Vista" (0) lambert
"AP will use robots to write some business stories" (0) lambert
Making Piketty's data truly interchangeable (0) lambert
Not learning from Las Vegas (0) lambert
Stiglitz sets the table for a "tax fight" for the 2016 election (3) lambert
Onionshare file sharing app (0) lambert
Disney's "Frozen" aces the Bechdel Test (0) lambert
If you want to avoid a society-wide epidemic of Alzheimer's, target the less well-educated for mental stimulation (0) lambert
"Fracking flowback could pollute groundwater with heavy metals" (0) lambert
"Cell" like a jail (0) lambert
"New Facebook Feature Scans Profile To Pinpoint Exactly When Things Went Wrong" (0) lambert
Actually a serious post on production/reproduction from The Onion (0) lambert
Susie Madrak fund drive (0) lambert
Stirling Newberry on recession and unemployment (0) lambert
"Extroverts Could Cause Problems on a Mission to Mars" (0) lambert
Beautiful to me... (0) lambert
"The bell hooks Hotline: For When You'd Rather Not Give Out Your Number" (0) lambert
Chris Hedges on "The Rules of Revolt" (0) lambert
"Pondering Abramson’s firing- again (for the last time)" (1) lambert
"The case for eating steak and cream" (7) lambert
One more reason I don't want to be anywhere near glassholes (0) lambert
"The day I left my son in the car" (0) lambert
"Cuomo’s rancid WFP deal" (0) lambert
Greenwald eviscerates Obama loyalists on Bergdahl/Gitmo (0) lambert
"German villagers build own broadband network" (3) lambert
"West ponders how to stop - or fight - a new Great War" (0) lambert
Arthur Silber faces eviction (0) lambert
"Mike" Bloomberg Re-Defines "Intolerance" (by "liberals") (0) Rainbow Girl
Times Public Editor slaps Michael Kinsley around for his review of Greenwald's book (2) lambert
Iran executes billionaire over $2.6 billion bank fraud (0) Fran
Identity politics cabinet shuffle (5) lambert
"How I got kicked out of the 9/11 museum" (2) lambert
Our friends, the Saudis (0) lambert
The Intercept is back in business (0) lambert
And.... the "subsidies are too large" sh*t is about to hit the fan (0) Dromaius
It costs $24 to get into the 9/11 Museum (0) lambert
Rapture index closes up 1 on wild weather, near record high (0) lambert
"Dozens of protesters ride in off-limits canyon" (0) lambert
Sidewalk cobbler in Udon Thani (0) lambert
"Driver Detained After Following Obama Daughters’ Motorcade" (0) lambert
What's up with The Intercept? Is it some kinda roach motel? (0) lambert
Tweet of the day (2) (0) lambert
Video: The Myth Of The Great Moderation (3) Cujo359
"Food poisoning fells more than 100 at US food safety summit" (0) lambert
A police state that can't even execute people properly is in deep doo-doo (0) lambert
Donald Sterling and the black misleadership class (0) lambert
Horse race: Bizarrely, Santorum tacks toward "the center" (3) lambert
FedEx worker goes postal (0) lambert
NBA gives Sterling the boot (0) lambert
This looks pretty neat (0) lambert
A defense of Maine's pioneering Dirigo health insurance plan (5) lambert
More money than sense in Silicon Valley (0) lambert
"Male Scent May Compromise Biomedical Research" (0) lambert
"A Specter Is Haunting Precarity" (1) lambert
"The case against despair, or why I refuse to enjoy my shit sandwich" (0) lambert
"Justin Bieber Deport Petition: The White House Responds In Statement" (0) lambert
For when I write the post on #12 "Carbon Negative Economy" (0) lambert
Happy Easter Weekend (1) lambert
Wellspring Upholstery Collaborative: A new co-op in Springfield, MA (0) lambert
"Millenial" category error keeps on propagating (0) lambert
"Cliven Bundy Has No Claim to Federal Land and Grazing" (0) lambert
UK Moves to Block US Senate Report to Protect Blair, Straw and Dearlove (0) transcriber
DiFi said WHAT? (0) transcriber
Top 10 Google search tips (0) lambert
"DEA & Shorewood Cops Raid Woman's Home After She Shops at Indoor Garden Center" (0) lambert
It doesn't matter if fickle teens leave FaceBook for Instagram... (0) lambert
Fun article on neo-liberalism at the Baffler (0) lambert
They call it "debt slavery" because that's what it is (2) lambert
The Capitol Police shot Miriam Carey in the back (0) lambert
"After Checking Your Bank Account, Remember To Log Out, Close The Web Browser, And Throw Your Computer Into The Ocean" (0) lambert
You can't satirize colonialism by making jokes about orientalism (0) lambert