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"Zero Hedge is a model publisher for 21st C America. Be afraid." (0) lambert
Pruning Rosa Rugosa (0) lambert
When Andrew Cuomo Says You Can't Be Trusted ... (2) Cujo359
"Portfolio of Things to Generate an Income" - Hat Tip Lambert! (1) Rainbow Girl
I wish Fafblog would come alive again (2) lambert
Sharpton-led NYC Ferguson protest has VIP section (5) lambert
"I Am the Very Model of a Biblical Philologist" (0) lambert
Ferguson: "White coat die-ins" from medical students (0) lambert
Thanks, NYPD! (0) lambert
"Obama Calls For Turret-Mounted Video Cameras On All Police Tanks" (0) lambert
#FergusonTaughtMe (0) lambert
You gotta wonder... (0) lambert
Spotting organic protest, and appropriation (0) lambert
More tactical originality at Ferguson (0) lambert
Obama Appoints Police Chief Ramsey Goebbels to Commission Looking into Demilitarizing Police (0) Rainbow Girl
SIlicon Valley bulldozes country's largest homeless encampment (0) lambert
Shumlin promises universal health plan by December 30 (0) lambert
"#OperationHelporHush: Taking Social Media Activism to the Street" (0) lambert
Semantic kettling (0) lambert
"42 Million Dead In Bloodiest Black Friday Weekend On Record" (0) lambert
A Praetorian Guard for Iraq (0) lambert
Let it never be said that Obama is the only ginormous asshole in the world (0) lambert
Interesting tactic in Ferguson BART shutdown (0) lambert
Do any of the police departments in the St Louis area use Stingray? (0) lambert
Money and blood in the St Louis real estate market (0) lambert
I'm pleased to be sure I really can ignore Al Sharpton (0) lambert
Sounds like wondefully vivid language to me... (0) lambert
Fundraiser for Ferguson streamer (0) lambert
Fatal commercial traffic accidents up 50% in Texas oil shale regions (0) lambert
Ohio Greens get enough votes to stay on the ballot, for now (0) lambert
Enormous bitcoin "mining" operation goes up in flames (0) lambert
Obama is, as usual, snippy (0) lambert
Canada unveils massive border fence project (0) lambert
"In The Vaults Where The Dry Powder Is Stored" (0) lambert
When you've lost Jeffrey Goldberg (0) lambert
Maine Democrats about to get shellacked in the gubernatorial race (2) lambert
"The No-Phone" (0) lambert
From Marx to Goldman Sachs (0) lambert
"What Is Wrong With Zionism" (0) lambert
First Nations block mine in British Columbia at Imperial Metals' Red Chris mine (0) lambert
China to undercut US arms dealers (0) lambert
"I Am Darren Wilson" Bracelets Are Missouri Cops' New Fashion Statement (1) lambert
"Student put in detention for sharing school lunch" (4) lambert
Rahm's brother Zeke tees up the death panels? (0) lambert
Chris Christie is a self-popping balloon (0) lambert
Parallels between the fall of the Roman republic, and our republic (0) lambert
Walker pulls ahead of Burke in Wisconsin (0) lambert
"Top U.S. Military Official: Our Arab “Allies” Support ISIS" (0) lambert
The U.S. Digital Service (0) lambert
Mass incarceration, started by Bill Clinton 20 years ago, does not reduce crime (0) lambert
"REPORT: US Failure To Confront ISIS Could Lead To Jews Pulling Off Another 9/11" (0) lambert
Walmart makes workers buy a new set of clothes for work (0) lambert
"Local police dept. receives surplus aircraft carrier from Pentagon" (0) lambert
Obots still at it with "his heart is in the right place" schtick (0) lambert
Jack the Ripper identified? (0) lambert
Dutch Safety Board: "Crash involving Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 flight MH17" (0) lambert
Here is the Green Party US Style Guide (0) lambert
Jim Webb trial balloon (0) lambert
"5 insights on the racial tolerance and ethnicity maps, from an ethnic conflict professor" (0) lambert
"Porn Sites to Join ‘Internet Slowdown’ Protest for Net Neutrality Next Wednesday" (0) lambert
A spirited defense of Cuomo (0) lambert
"Trolls drive Anita Sarkeesian out of her house to prove misogyny doesn't exist" (2) lambert
Seattle highway tunnel-boring machine clusterfuck (0) lambert
Lives cut short: Bullets killed 28,000 children, teens between 2002 and 2012 (0) lambert
Everything you know about Pearl Harbor is wrong (0) lambert
"Guerrilla Grafters Secretly Graft Fruit-Bearing Branches onto San Francisco Trees" (0) lambert
"GOP candidates for governor OK with legalizing pot" (0) lambert
"The decency and moral courage of Charlie Ward" (0) lambert
Greece's public broadcaster perseveres even after being shut down (0) lambert
"What Chicago’s upcoming mayoral race says about the power of movements" (0) lambert
Tweet of the day (0) lambert
It seems that Erving Goffman is coming up on the charts again (0) lambert
"The Dullest, Most Vital Skill You Need to Become a Successful Manager" (0) lambert
"Nearly 400 people 'pay it forward' at St. Petersburg Starbucks" (0) lambert
"Officer Go Fuck Yourself" seems to sum up the zeitgeist rather neatly (0) lambert
"Chinese Journalists Bemoan Decline Of Traditional State-Run Newspapers, Rise Of State-Run New Media" (0) lambert
"Holder: 'Change is coming' after police shooting" (2) lambert
Cuomo loses on appeal; Teachout can appear on ballot (0) lambert
Memo to Ferguson St. Louis PD: Just because a civilian says "Shoot me now!" doesn't mean you've gotta do what he asks and whack him (0) lambert
Ferguson vs. Bundy Ranch (vs. Occupy) (0) lambert
iPad virtual large format camers? (6) lambert
Have I mentioned lately what an asshole Obama is? (0) lambert
Thanks, Vladi! (0) lambert
Frackers use diesel fuel illegally, then doctor the records (0) lambert
The Onion always has the best headlines (0) lambert
The amazing new World Trade Center logo (0) lambert
Bill Mitchell on the Old Mole (0) lambert
One last note on Ferguson (0) lambert
Cuomo administration to delete all email over 90 days old by default, even though they've got 50 gigs of storage per user (3) lambert
Cops whack black guy: Film at 11 in LA (0) lambert
"The NSA is developing an automatic malware-killer" (0) lambert
"Lauren Bacall on writing: The most complete experience I've ever had" (0) lambert
Wednesday Morning LoFi Blogging: "They saved Hitler's brain" (0) lambert
Fun with annotations [please test] (0) lambert
"Like" nothing (0) lambert
"Advisors to the Kurds" (0) lambert
NPR is a Stasi talking points laundry (0) lambert
Robin Williams dead at 63 (0) lambert
Meritocracy Neo Liberal Democrat Style: DeBlasio's Kids (2) Rainbow Girl
Scientists say fracking is part of why Oklahoma now rivals California in quake activity. (0) lambert