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Submitted by Lex on

Tonight it's supposed to drop to 25, but the next week's forecast says lows in the 40's. It's time to put up the third low tunnel and finish filling the other two.

Last fall i posted a "how-to" about building the cheapest, least amount of work, but still structurally sound cold frame i've ever seen. I had the two installed last year covered in March. One of them was probably seeded with some things a little too early. The addition of a soil heating cable or even laying a frost blanket on top of sprouted things inside would have made a difference. None the less, i've got pakchoi that'll be ready in a week or two (spring kimchi). Carrots, beats and a second planting of lettuce up. Lost some broccoli seedlings to the snow, upper teens and 40 mph winds, and some bean seedlings too.

The hill of cukes in each bed is coming up now, and i imagine that the corn and beans in the second bed will be any day now. But the best part is that i planted two tomato starts, figuring that at $1 for three, it was worth taking a chance. Two of them went inside wall-o-water structures inside the cold frame. The other didn't and promptly died in the same weekend described above. But i do have two that i'm likely to be harvesting from 4-6 weeks before i'd normally get a tomato!

Gotta fix my truck this weekend so i can build some more beds. Fence the entirety of the food gardening area. And turn the spot i'll plant an in ground garden this summer.