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Our stupid, lazy, well-paid, and insured press

Froomkin -- who I don't read nearly as often as I should, since chinless wonder Fred Hiatt buried the link to his columns -- is dispiriting but brilliant:

Party of the Damned
The last White House Correspondents' Association dinner of the Bush era -- the ultimate celebration of chumminess between the most powerful people in the world and those who are supposed to hold them accountable -- was a dispiriting, mostly humorless affair.

In the audience at the dinner and at its endless pre- and post-parties, a fin-de-siecle degeneracy was on full display. Throngs surrounded aging professional floozy Pamela Anderson, a guest of Bloomberg, who happily posed for countless photos in a dress that exposed the preponderance of her two most outstanding achievements. Key members of the White House's torture-management team-- Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former secretary of state Colin Powell -- along with leading torture apologists -- Attorney General Michael Mukasey, CIA Director Michael Hayden, former White House spokesman Tony Snow and current spokeswoman Dana Perino -- were fawned over as honored guests.

At the end of his speech, the man who waged war against the press received a standing ovation from the conquered.

Plus linky goodness:

Watch it yourself if you dare. Here is video of the red carpet arrivals and the entire dinner. Here is the Bush performance and the Ferguson performance. Here is footage of the swampy hell that was the Bloomberg after-party.

Somebody with more video chops than I have should see if they can find any examples of our famously free press behaving badly. Then we could try to make the clip go viral....

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Submitted by myiq2xu on

and either way the media snarls and bites.

The GOP kicks the media's collective ass, and gets their boots licked in return.

Real Democrats aren't afraid of democracy

48 + 2 = legitimacy

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Submitted by wasabi on

They bend over backward to prove that they are not "the liberal media". Me personally, I think that GWB's wiretapping has all the press by the loofahs.

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Submitted by bringiton on

only part, couldn't take all of it - and it was a particularly sad and brittle affair. The laughs were half-hearted, the smiles were rictus, the tone was forced. One of those parties where everyone feels expected to have a good time and tries their best to do so, then afterwards is so relieved that it's over.

All the good humor of a pre-funeral wake.

On second thought, I will watch the rest of it. Savor the signs of coming demise.

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just refusing access and "scoops", etc, cows them thoroughly--they don't even need any threats other than loss of access and of not returning their phone calls.

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him on his show. I wonder no longer -- KO cldn't take the competition of someone outspoken and on point.

Now, is there any way to put up some kind of link here at Corrente to make it easy to find that string of numbers and letters?

I cannot believe the WaPo is doing that--now that I know Krugman is found with, well "krugman" I go much more often.

Froomkin I ususally have to google.

A button or permalink would be great.... Puh-lease?