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Our problem is the press

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They are terrible, ghastly, a national embarrassment. None of the political and financial corruption of the last 30 years would have been possible without a corrupt press.

As Tbogg put it on Salon's Table Talk years ago, the media is dead, the bones are scattered from here to hell. Discuss the remains.

Seriously, the least bit of scrutiny and our financial and political elite would clean up their act in a hurry. But our filthy media has consistently rewarded liars and punished truth tellers. Liars are serious, truth tellers are not.

That is why blogging is so crucial. Some of you may remember the early days of 2003 when Atrios/Eschaton ran the daily feature Torture Blitzer. In an effort to drum up war fever, Wolf Blitzer ran the most ridiculous polls, along the lines of If Saddam Hussein came into your house and slapped your mama, would you support a war? Every day we would pour over to that poll and vote no, no matter how absurd the poll. Blitzer finally gave up his ridiculous poll when he realized no matter how absurd the scenario, we would always vote for no war. As petty as that was, it was the first push back, the media's first indication that there were these things known as blogs and we weren't falling for conventional wisdom.

Even now with blogs, Twitter, and Facebook all offering push back, we remain small beer. But we matter nevertheless. Really important work is being done on blogs. It is just too easy to make fun of ourselves sitting around tapping on our laptops, sipping the caffeinated beverage of our choice. But there is an enormous opportunity cost to blogging. It takes more effort that it looks.

Not just bloggers and those kind enough to comment, but those who lurk and share links, are all helping to build a movement. It is happening. It is real. It is important. Don't ever let anyone denigrate the part you are playing in this critical movement.

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My blogging has always been a bit sporadic. Wonder if I might ask how important do you think that "social media" like Facebook and Twitter, really are?

I have stayed away from Facebook due to privacy issues.

But, we each have Twitter accounts, although we rarely use them. I read several months ago that there are approximately 200 million Twitter accounts.

Should we rethink using Twitter, if it's important to us to share information (and it is)?


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is to look at the money spent on countering us. Social Media has become a multi-million dollar industry. Some of it is honest customer service work of responding to angry people on twitter, but much of it involves tracking online critics and coming up with strategies to counter them. If we were not effective, this industry would not exist.