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Our Polyanna Preznit

candy_candy Bushh cuts loose with another one, this time to Katrina survivors:

"[BUSHH] Optimism is the only option."

Yeah, that theory really worked out great in Iraq, didn't it? And Iran--good luck with that.

And optimism is great for you, you putz, but then you can share Dick Cheney's bunker when the shit really hits the fan.

Can somebody tell me where the pep talk stops and the delusion and the denial begin?

Because I prefer realism. Out of the pure desire to survive.

NOTE Bush's attitude reminds me of nothing so much as Woodstock--"No rain! No rain!" Maybe if we all think hard enough, we can stop this stuff...

UPDATE And then Bush wanders off into the weeds of "the begats." Buried way deep in some Times stenography we get this:

“There will be a momentum, momentum will be gathered,” Bush said. “Houses will begat jobs, jobs will begat houses.”

Note the revealing use of the passive voice--Momentum will "be gatherered." Bush doesn't say he'll take any responsbility for gathering it, of course...

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