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Our pissy, thin-skinned, arrogant IMPOTUS cuts off his nose to spite his face

Obama Cancels Meeting With Putin Amid Tension Over Snowden .

That'll sure teach the next Edward Snowden a lesson. Can't anyone here play this game?

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Looking increasingly petulant, isolated, naive, petty, imperious, and bush-league. When it comes to being president, it is imperative to meet, shake hands with, and jawbone every head of state despite contrary circumstances.

Just as a reminder, this is the kayfabe guy who is schmoozing with John Boehner and Senate Republicans — the very people who would like nothing better than to impeach him — to smooth over their “differences” about a grand bargain to lower taxes for corporations and cripple Social Security and Medicare.

Has he gotten Vladimir Putin confused with the head of some labor or environmental organization?

What a disgrace. So uncouth. So embarrassing. That’s the kind of arrogant pissypants passive-aggressive face-saving gesture you’d expect from some oft-criticized third-world tinpot dictator. Weak. Just . . . poor deportment. Not world stage stuff. More like garden variety bickering town council caliber behavior. Not Nobel Peace Prize-winning material. Disgraceful.

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I grew up in a Russian family, and I knew about Putin when he was still running the KGB. (The Soviet secret police back in the day.)

If he ever was human, it got absorbed into power politics before his fifth birthday would be my guess. Throwing a hissy fit at him without any sort of power play to back it up is just going to make him laugh. And hold the hissy-fitter in contempt.

Bad move.

(That said, I don't have any good armchair quarterbacking suggestions for the Big 0. We're past the point where you could gain standing by pretending to want to start a nuclear war. Russia has plenty of resources, so you couldn't choke off their oil or something. They're not an economic powerhouse, so stopping their access to the NY and London financial markets, even if you could, would do less to them than it would to the US. I don't know what you could threaten Putin with that would matter to him. But I'm not much of a strategist.)

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My question—how did this get to be about Putin?

After all, Putin did not create Snowden nor did he get him to Moscow. This is a problem that fell on him. He could not leave Snowden disrupting a Moscow airport. Russia has no extradition treaty with USA so he couldn't send him back.

So Putin gives Snowden a temporary asylum to the cheers of the Russian electorate (and much of the rest of the world.) The damage Snowden can do has largely been done. The appropriate USA response would have been to ignore the whole thing and move on. But Noooooo. There are just too many folks left in USA whose careers revolved around creating incidents with USSR. They have been pretty damn busy considering USSR went out of business—expanding NATO to the Russian border, fomenting revolt in Georgia, etc. And now this.

I have considered the Cold Warriors to be lying scum at best and useless protoplasm at worst for a long time. After this, I just want to find one and scream STFU!

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... and I meant to capitalize the 'B'. It's the way Bush dealt with countries that weren't doing what we (he) wanted them to. As if the rest of the world was...