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Our Military: Now Offically Christian

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You may begin singing "Onwards Christian Soliders" now:

President Bush on Monday signed a bill designed to save the cross atop Mt. Soledad here from being removed, but both sides in the 17-year court battle predicted more politicking and litigating before the fate of the cross is finally decided.

Bush signed a bill sponsored by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-El Cajon) that designates the 43-foot cross and the city land beneath it as a federal war memorial under control of the Department of Defense.

A federal judge in May declared the cross a violation of the constitutional separation of church and state and ordered it removed by Aug. 2. That order was stayed last month by the U.S. Supreme Court until other legal issues can be resolved.

Cross proponents believe that shifting ownership of the land to the federal government will invalidate the judge's ruling and make it more difficult for opponents to prevail because the U.S. Constitution is more flexible about religious icons on federal property than the state Constitution is about city land.

"We've gone from a sure victory for the opponents to what is now a long shot for them," said Hunter soon after the closed Oval Office ceremony in which Bush signed the bill.

I wonder what other properties Bush will sign away from constitutional protection next? Perhaps there are some megachurches that could serve as military bases?

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