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Malkin says:

Why publish maps and specific street names and photographs of the private (not anymore) homes where the Vice President and Defense Secretary and their families spend their vacations?


Because blabbermouth Bill Keller feels like it, right? (Interesting timing, no?)

Because the "people" (you know: Code Pink, Fred Phelps, jihadis) have a "right to know," right?

Because neighbors are talking and because the Washington Post blabbed it already, right? And because al Qaeda already must have an inkling that Rumsfeld and Cheney live somewhere in the greater Washington, D.C. area, right? So what's the harm in handing them all the details, right?

Fred Phelps? Since when does he scare her? Why would the "God Hates Fags" preacher complain about Cheney and Rumsfeld, unless...hmmm? And to equate Code Pink with jihadis...been a long time since I saw a Code Pink mom with a suicide bomb. Idiot!

Horowitz says:

In an apparent retaliation for criticism of its disclosure of classified intelligence to America's enemies, the New York Times June 30th edition has printed huge color photos of the vacation residences of Vice President Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, identifying the small Maryland town where they live, showing the front driveway and in Rumsfeld's case actually pointing out the hidden security camera in case any hostile intruders should get careless:

Wikipedia says:

Rancho del Cielo, or "Ranch from the Sky," is a 688 acre (2.8 km²) ranch located in the hills northwest of Santa Barbara, California. It served as a getaway home for Ronald Reagan first while he was Governor of California and later when he became President of the United States.

Reagan bought the ranch for about $527,000 in 1974 when his second term as governor was coming to an end. The estate contains a restored pond called Lake Lucky, stables and a barn for horses, and a 1,500 ft² (139 m²) house decorated with 1970s-style furniture. The ranch is located in the Santa Ynez Mountains up one-laned Refugio Road off U.S. Route 101.

Reagan spent nearly 1/8th of his presidency at his ranch, which became known as the Western White House. One of the most significant events that took place there was the signing of the Economic Recovery Tax Act in 1981. The ranch played host at various times to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth II, and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

After leaving the presidency in 1989, the Reagans moved to a home in Bel-Air, California, but kept the ranch as a retreat. In April 1998, the ranch was sold for nearly $5.9 million to the Young America's Foundation, a conservative group which operates it today as what it calls "a living monument to Reagan's legacy."

So St, Ronnie's ranch is, and has been common knowledge since he was President? But that's wasn't scary.

And don't forget The Western White House, Casa Pacifica, Nixon's lair in San Clemente.

Hypocrits? Idiots? You be the judge.