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Our famously free press turns on a dime

Notice how now it's mentioned, just in passing and as a matter of routine, that the Senate has to muster the 60 votes for cloture to pass a Democratic bill, because otherwise the Republicans might "block" it?

Remember how it used to be high drama, a cause for pearl-clutching among the pundits, and heartburning on the teebee, and a sign of the imminent death of the Republic or at least Civility when the Democrats would filibuster--never, never merely "block"--a Republican bill?

I wonder why that would be?

Just asking...

NOTE Heard that "block" locution on NPR just the other day. NPR really is teh suck these days. Such a shame.

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Rethugs are never characterized as obstructionist, partisan, or as "playing politics". Goodness, these horrid tendencies have never been seen before in er, um ... FREAKIN WASHINGTON DC. Certainly not after the exquisite comity shown by the GOP during the Clinton witchhunts.

Honestly, why do the media allow this infantile crap even for a nanosecond?

Just doing my morning surf I must have encountered the usual 6-12 utterly fucking ridiculous examples of non-logic that I wouldn't have been able to get past mom or dad when I was an eight yr old.

Last one was: yet another twist on the Well if you're not guilty than you wouldn't mind living in an illuminated fishbowl 24/7, preceded by the always logical Well s/he isn't allowed discuss poverty issues because s/he isn't poor. (I think the morons have difficulty distinguishing between advocacy for a group which one seeks to represent, and their own chronic douchebaggery as a result of not intending for a second to practice what they preach.

And these were preceded by the always logical:

Well if you're such a feminist how come you're [not our viciously crappy stereotype], plus, go do our research/work for us while we rain smack on your ass. Oh, and while you're up, explain to us why we should stop pissing in your petunia bed..

My day's barely getting started. Honestly, if it weren't exquisitely beautiful and I was playing hookey I'd be pissed off way more!

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I've been a broken record about this administration being all about redoing Watergate "right" -- from the election campaign ratfucking to the bugging of the Dem computers. Well, now that that's collapsing around the administration's knees, no thanks to the knob polishing court scribes, could the limbic-compelled reptilian brain stem that drives this creepy admin simply be proceeding to a more successful playbook ...

Namely, redoing a contemporary version of the Iran-Contra hostage boondoggle that gave the Reagan era such a nostalgic apple-cheeked glow for these ratfuckers, war criminals and CREEPS? We've got a hostage situation going on, and weapons in Iraq and Pakistan and a nice stretch of summer to knead this together before Labor Day ...