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Our famously free press deep-sixes Chris Dodd's defense of the Constitution, and rejection of retroactive immunity for telcos

How odd. Or not. Here's the coverage:


Shailagh Murray's vapid, snarky, Inside Baseball commentary is the best WaPo can do. A fucking blog entry, at 6PM yesterday.

Only a courtier from the Village could turn defending the Constitution into "making a play." Jeebus, they suck.

Shailagh's my candidate for the Coveted Wanker of the Day Award. Remember the good old days, when we had Jodi Wilgoren writing real stories, instead of this drivel? Not....

UPDATE Via Big Media Matt, William Wolfrum has an excellent summary of the non-coverage.

Incidentally, Dodd, or other long-timers, might take the press circling the wagons on this story as a some sort of problem. To the contrary, I regard it as proof positive that he's on the right track. the country's waiting on a leader for this. Feed us! Feed the new beast!

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Both The New York Pravda and The Washington Pravda had articles up on their websites noon yesterday talking about how the Senate had agreed with Dear Leader to give the telcoms immunity and allow domestic surveillance.

I mean really. It's getting so our Betters can't even tell us what we want anymore.

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