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Our elites hate us

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Looking at this video of shoppers at Walmart fighting over Phones I realized how much our elites must really hate us. I am sure that when members fo the Walton family watch videos like this they must laugh.

Walmart does this deliberately. They have a handful of low priced loss leaders, but nowhere near enough to meet the demand. So people line up and fight to be first, because if you are low income, getting one of those low priced items might be your only chance to own one. This is what the elites delight doing, creating situations where we are battling each other frantically for crumbs. It is not just their workers they hate, the Walton family hates their customers, hates everyone with a net worth less than a billion dollars.

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for in this nation?

We, the mochers. the takers.

They'd really like to see us all just emigrate elsewhere. Anywhere. They can only hire so many servants, groundskeepers, wage slave WalMart workers.

Heard on NPR this morning that almost any new shopping centers are aimed at the rich, the top quintile's upper portion. We in the lower quintiles are finding we have less and less disposable, even required, income. We are not worth the advertising cost, I guess.

I went into a WalMart for the first time in months, and, in this particular store at least, the clothing area was markedly smaller -- and the feel of the fabrics, the hand, was of a low quality. Stiff, harsh feeling. Far worse than in prior years.

I realized they've decided most of the people going there aren't able to demand quality, so they're going to just fuck 'em over on quality. Soon the stuff will just fall apart in the wash.


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of when, years ago, I worked for REI and went to an employee-only sale, back when you could get a pair of rock shoes for $4, hiking boots for $4, and a mid-grade backpacking tent for $10-$15. Mad rush when the doors opened to the sale and all of us underpaid part-time serfs ran to get to the areas with the best chance of scoring a fantastic deal. Tent section? Boot corner? Run to one area and you'll miss out on the best stuff in another area.

As I got in line I saw some of the managers standing against the wall, looking at us, and laughing. They got paid enough they didn't need to run around scrabbling for stuff they could easily acquire without calculating if their budget allowed them to finally get a pair of backcountry x-c skis, and still pay your rent during winter months.

Bet the Waltons watch videos of the post-Thanksgiving shoppers' fights and laugh.