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Jared Ball:

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was partially right when earlier this year he dismissed the “professional left.” There is indeed a professional left, those whose entire careers and claims to fame are based on permanent liberal challenges to power and who arrogantly dismiss as immature, and worse dangerous, those who would push leftward beyond those limits. “Don’t go too far,” they tell us, “vote for us or THEY will get elected and then we’re in real trouble!” But that’s because liberals aren’t in real trouble. They don’t really believe that. If they did really believe that corporations were leading the planet to doom or that the fascists they are protecting us from are just outside the gates would they really only respond by a few rallies and a vote for a Democrat? Then maybe they are as “fucking stupid” as Rahm Emanuel said they are.
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Not stupid, complicit. They make their money railing against things they have no intention of changing.

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They make it appear that there is an opposition so we can all think we are not dominated by regressives in government.

When I was young, I was constantly told that I could not possibly understand the reasons for things because I was too young. Well now I am far from young and have been out in the world for many years, so 'they' can no longer say that to me. And I still feel the same way about many things. I still have many questions. All that is required is a lack of willingness to buy into the dominant group think. And, I guess, part of what is required is to not be too attached to the idea of making and having money and the things it can bring you.

Even my sincere liberal friends, who are not wealthy, want to maintain their position enough that their children get the good education that will give them their place in the world.

I would add, and repeat, my comment that perhaps the lack of support for the protest at the White House on 12/16 was because it was organized by other than the usual groups.

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As for "the lack of support for the protest at the White House on 12/16 was because it was organized by other than the usual groups."

Yes, absolutely. As I discuss in the piece I just posted, the Liberal Class did endorse a demonstration, namely the Oct. 5 One Nation rally. Here's a description of the rally:

"Nearly every speaker combined warnings of the consequences of a Republican victory in the November 2 election with appeals to those attending the rally to spend the next month in all-out campaigning for a Democratic Party victory. There was no examination of the actual policies of the Democrats, still less of the relatively insignificant differences between the two big business parties.
There was no criticism of the Obama administration by name, even by speakers who criticized some of the policies for which the Democratic president is responsible."


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Well done, John and VastLeft. How soon we forget the forgettable.