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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm getting the impression that Historiann is not a fan of the History Channel:

Every time I see it–probably three or four times a year, in a hotel room flipping channels–it’s about Nostradamus or witches or some other kind of quasi-mystical crackpot bull$hit. It’s what I imagine watching Nancy Grace must feel like to attorneys, or what watching “E.R.” is like if you’re a doctor–it’s painful and pointless, friends, because there’s very little “history” on the History Channel. It’s like being stuck in the worst “Renaissance Faire” ever, with all of the bad costumes and bad accents and failures of imagination.
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Everyone should be getting their history fix from me!

(Thanks for the linky love.)

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is owned by Rupert Murdoch. He also owns a significant chunk of National Geographic Channel.

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Yeah, that apocalypse stuff is prevalent and I notice that I enjoy it less than I used to. There is still decent programming, but it seems less than a few years ago.

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to our satellite package(I know, lambert, I know), and they show actual history still. But it's all the old shows that History Channel used to show.

Now, HC's all Ax Men and Monsterquest, All The Time.

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I've seen it too!

Military Channel doesn't do many of those anymore, though they do have some good history stuff, but the viewpoint is usually to jingoistic for my tastes.

My partner watches it for the Awesomest Penis, I Mean Weapon, Countdowns, and Special Ops Mission, which is like watching people play airsoft.

I don't mind Special Ops Mission either, though, see here for why, heh.

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Nazis. Don't forget a lot of Nazis and stuff about World War 2. :)

Isn't that all the history there is?

Also, speaking of Murdoch owning Nat Geo - I've noticed they're doing a lot more cheap, shrill stuff too.

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Especially with that new show, Taboo, which just seems designed to get some pantysniffers all in a knot.

I got really irritated with the History Channel about that. It's like to the programmers , history starts with American Civil War, and ends with the American involvement in WWII. I used to rant at the TV, "You haven't exhausted all of "History" you know! There's thousands of more years of human history to look at, before you start reaching in the bin for Pawn Stars and Monsterquest." Shows like Ax Men I don't actually mind, cuz while I agree it ain't history, shows that highlight the jobs necessary for our current civilization, like Dirty Jobs, are important. That wood we use to build our homes didn't cut itself, you know.

Although lately, they have gotten back into their ancient history roots with a show about Greek mythologies, where they talk about what could have been the real world inspiration for these tales. One, on Medusa, talked about how horrific it was that she was punished for being raped, and that the descriptions on how a Medusa looked, probably came from corpses.

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No news on the news channels and no history on the history channels. Corporate media reveals its true purpose, eh?

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The Hallmark Channel and Spike are pretty much as advertised.

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If it weren't for that odious Sarah Silverman show, LOGO'd be the perfect channel.

Buffy and RuPaul's Drag Race! w00t!