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A Tiny Revolution:

Both [David Corn and Markos] embed NY23 within a narrative of power and strategy. As good liberal pundits, they only see a story of suicidal conservatives displaying Palinesque levels of stupidity. They'd rather lose a seat than compromise their principles. Hahaha! Now how dumb is that? Surely no liberals would commit such a sin.

No indeed.

Exhibit A: The "progressive" health insurance "reform" Clusterfuck.

NOTE Via Arthur.

UPDATE Ellen Goodman:

The Conference of Catholic Bishops was willing to scuttle their longtime support for universal health care in order to roll back women’s access to abortion. They were prepared to make common cause with Republicans whose only interest was to defeat Obama.

Out went the careful construction of a congressional bill that was written to be “abortion-neutral.’’ Under intense pressure led by the bishops, a last-minute maneuver forced many in the House of Representatives to choose between a bill that left reproductive health on the cutting room floor or no bill at all.

So, with the Stupak-Pitts amendment hanging from it like an albatross, a bill was passed that would cover millions of uninsured Americans but also strip millions of American women of reproductive health converge. To the uncompromising went the victory.

Exactly. Is there any principle that "progressives" won't compromise away for some bill, any bill?

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Currrently flaming with Kossack bonebrains at FaceBook over just how bad Jerry Brown would be as governor. Gavin The Precious dropped out you see...

Who knew the Kool-Aide was so deleterious to yer brain function.

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with spittle flying.

Great comments over there at ATR. My favorite:

"The Republicans have a Big Circus Tent, and the Democrats have the kind that you put over your house when you're gassing bugs - except they gas um.. principles?"

Har! Nice one LST.