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Emptywheel on Obama's state secrets policy:

Disingenuousness of this level is most certainly not "change we can believe in".

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose...

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FDL's Jane had a point about the unlikeness of Obama being a change-agent:

[I]n the midst of the pie fights, that hardly seemed worth dwelling on for the pointless vitriolic arguments it would have engendered.

Really, how important could it have been to force Obama to stand up for more-progressive positions, in order to secure progressive votes? Much better that he was able to get them even as he disparaged liberals on Fox News.

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Or maybe this is the pre-Ouch! and the real one is still coming because Arthur is back (yay) and getting ready to write about the recent clusterfuck:

Fair warning: I fully intend to have an illegal amount of fun with the "progressive" movement. I am seriously considering the possibility that the "progressives" are, in fact, deviously clever political satirists. If they are serious and sincere in their recent behavior, that means only that they are significantly less self-aware, considerably more ignorant and more devoid of shame than the conservative movement of recent vintage. While I consider that explanation possible, it stretches my view of the elasticity of reality to the breaking point. Therefore, I find it much more credible that the progressives' behavior is intended to highlight, through wonderfully clever albeit extreme exaggeration and various other devices, the utter idiocy of those poseurs who pretend to challenge the status quo, when they actually embody and advance the status quo on every matter of moment. I would also point out that to view the progressives' performance as intentionally comedic and wittily targeted art is a far, far kinder interpretation of their otherwise embarrassingly, mortifyingly awful actions and attitudes. And after all, charity begins at blog. That is unquestionably one of the primary lessons of my copy of the Internetz Bible. The version of that bible in my possession is the standard one. I therefore contend that settles that.