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Eric Williams at Wampum on Gale Norton:

Both Duncan Black, who used to actually write stuff, and John Cole, who I never read anyway, swap links on the Gale Norton / MMS story ... without actually writing anything, or linking to MB's work.

I wouldn't have known except a Google alert on Norton just dropped in ... with Duncan's grand "They [the media] just can't stop talking about Gale Norton."

A listers. The text alternative to talk radio.

EBW sounds bitter.

Here's handy link to some actual Gale Norton reportage.

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but I remember when that posting first appeared and it was pretty obvious to me that DB was referring to the utter lack of MSM coverage on Gale Norton's monumental and damaging ethical challenges. I can't see how any regular follower of his could conclude differently.

He can be sometimes too pithy - I don't visit there unless I've really been paying attention to things in the previous 24 hours, for fear of missing references - but that is precisely what keeps me reading his skeletal posts. I personally think he's very good at what he does, and I frequently marvel. (So sue me).

The IOKIYAR factor in our stupid national discourse has just gone through the roof since the election. I agree with Lara Logan - American "news" is unbearable. It's painful. The media advertising drought - said to be $10Bill - is apparently causing a lot of scrambling and desperation, and it shows. It really shows. I used to be disgusted but now I cannot even try to be amused.

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... Atrios could also have linked to the blog that owned the story and did the reportage: Wampum. But no.

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lefty blogosphere owes a lot to Wampum and their sponsorship of the Koufax awards. Those awards did a lot to build community and site traffic, but very few put up links asking readers to donate to Wampum to help with their server costs. And then came the great blogroll purges of 2006 and many of those who had used the Koufax awards to build their site traffic pulled the link to Wampum.

Yeah, I would be bitter too.